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THURSDAY, may 30, 2019
Unravelling the history of Cardosas Palace is finding out Oporto’s history. ALMA de LUCE, through CARDOSAS’ table, unleashes some Palace’s memories derived from time, which transport us to XIX century elegant ballrooms, with garnished plaster ceilings and marble floors with refined drawings.

The InterContinental Porto Hotel - Cardosas Palace, that is one of the most luxury hotels in Portugal, celebrated the 6th anniversary with a unique furniture piece, limited edition, signed by ALMA de LUCE.

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Cardosas Palace


Cardosas Palace, built inside the Ferdinand’s walls that surrounded the old Oporto town, in the XV century (ending), it appears as a monastery for the Lóios’ friars.


Cardosas Pedestal Table


Cardosas Pedestal Table

Table top in Eztremoz Tiger marble, brass with aged finished & silver leaf with white stain with gloss finishes. Flowers & leaves made of Limoges ceramic (See the oldest existing porcelain factory in Limoges today)


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