Alma de Luce TERMS OF USE 

Read carefully the terms of use of Alma de Luce before using the site and the services it offers.
By using the site, regardless of how you do so, including, but not limited to visiting and searching the same, the user agrees with the terms of use, conditions and policies of Alma de Luce. The policies in these Terms of Use apply to all users of this site, including users, sellers, commercials, contributors of content, information and other materials on the site.




Alma de Luce services are available only for individuals over 18 years old, meaning users that can celebrate legal contracts, under the current applicable laws. The user represents and guarantees that he or she is over 18 years old, and that all the registry and information he/she submits is true and trustworthy. Alma de Luce may, however, alter its criteria of eligibility at any moment.
Individuals under 18 years of age must use Alma de Luce services only with parental or guardian supervision, who is at least 18 years old. In these cases, the adult is the user and is responsible for all activities conducted on the site.


The user agrees with all local laws, with the rules of online usage, online conduct and acceptable content.
The user is responsible by applicable taxes, as well as declaring the same. Additionally, the user must be ruled by the Alma de Luce policy described in these Terms of Use, namely how this applies to their type of activity in the usage of this website, as well as other operating rules, policies and procedures, which may be published periodically on Alma de Luce with no prior warning.
Additionally, some services provided in the website may be subject to additional terms and conditions indicated in the site.
Password: keep your password secure. The user is responsible for all activity, consequences and loss resulting from the inability to keep the password confidential. You agree to notify Alma de Luce immediately if you detect any insecure or with devious intent usage of your password. You also agree that Alma de Luce is not responsible for any loss or damage derived from the inability to keep your password secure. You accept not to provide your email (username) or password to third-parties, except with the written consent of Alma de Luce.
Account information: you must keep your account’s information updated and correct, including a valid email address.
Identity transfer: you cannot transfer or sell your Alma de Luce account or user ID to third parties. If you are registering as a company, you must make sure you have the authority to accept this agreement.
Right to refuse service: Alma de Luce services are not available to suspended members. Alma de Luce reserves the right, according to your decision, to cancel inactive or unconfirmed accounts. Alma de Luce reserves the right to refuse service to any person, for any reason, at any time.
The users are wholly responsible for the negotiations of products and/or services identified in the website, including quantity, quality, shape, content and/or any other specification related with the same, taking at their own risk the respective contracts, whether the user is a buyer and/or seller.


The user is completely responsible for their conduct and activities related with Alma de Luce, as well as any and all data, texts, information, username, graphics, images, photography, profiles, audio, video, items, links and content they submit, provide and exhibit on Alma de Luce.

Forbidden activities
Your content and its usage on Alma de Luce:

1. Will not be false, inaccurate and misleading.
2. Will not be deceitful, nor will it involve the sale of something illegal, counterfeit or stolen.
3. Will not infringe any copyrights from third parties, patents, trademarks, usability secrets or any other intellectual property, privacy or advertising rights.
4. Will not violate these terms of use, the working policy of this website, rules of usage, or any applicable law, constitution, ordinance or regulation, including, but not limited to, exporting laws, consumer protection laws, competition laws, anti-discrimination laws and false advertising.
5. Will not be defamatory, slanderous, illegal, threatening to applicable law, intimidating or embarrassing for any person, including those who work and manage Alma de Luce; nor declare falsely or misrepresent their affiliation with any person such as, for instance, the use of similar email addresses, nicknames, or the creation of false account(s) or other methods or devices.
6. Will not be obscene or contain pornography.
7. Will not contain or transmit any code of destructive nature that may damage, interfere with prejudice with, intercept or appropriate any system, data or personal information.
8. Will not host images that are not part of a list.
9. Will not modify, adapt or hack Alma de Luce or modify another site in order to implicate that the latter is falsely associated with Alma de Luce.
10. Will not hold Alma de Luce accountable for the loss of Internet service from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
11. Will not link directly or indirectly, refer to or contain description of goods and services that are forbidden at Alma de Luce, as described in this agreement, in the privacy policy, Alma de Luce rules or any other document added to Alma de Luce.


Without limiting any other solutions, Alma de Luce can, with no prior warning and without refunding any taxes, delays or immediate removal of content, alert the community of a user’s actions, emit a warning to the user, temporarily suspend a user, temporarily or indefinitely suspend a user’s account privileges, close a user’s account, forbid access to the website, and take technical and legal measures to exclude a user from the website and refuse to provide services for a user if any of the following situations are detected:

If Alma de Luce suspects (via being informed, investigating, conviction, sentencing, investigation of insurance or of agreement, or through other ways) that a user violated this agreement, the Privacy Policy, general usage rules, or other community policies and guidelines hereby incorporated; if Alma de Luce is unable to verify or authenticate any personal information or content; or if Alma de Luce believes a user is acting in a way inconsistent with the spirit and rules of Alma de Luce, or is involved in undue or deceitful activities that lead to improper connections to Alma de Luce or actions that may cause legal responsibility or financial loss for the users of Alma de Luce or Alma de Luce itself.


With the exception of what is listed in the Privacy Policy, Alma de Luce will not sell or divulge your personal information (as defined in the Privacy Policy) to third-parties without your explicit consent.


Alma de Luce does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the website. The site’s operations may be interrupted by numerous factors outside Alma de Luce’s control.


The user must adhere to all national and international laws, statutes, decrees and regulations over the use of the website and any Alma de Luce service and, if applicable, its advertising, sale, solicitation of offers for buying and selling items. Furthermore, the user is responsible for paying any and all applicable taxes and any buying or selling of items they conduct on Alma de Luce.
If any provision in this contract is considered unfeasible, then such provision will be modified to reflect the parties’ intent. All remaining provisions of these terms of use will remain in full effect.


The present terms of service are interpreted under the laws of Portugal in all aspects.


Unless explicitly indicated otherwise, all communications will be sent by registered postal mail to Alma de Luce, Alma de Luce Legal Department, [morada].
Or, in the user’s case, to the e-mail address given to Alma de Luce (either during the registration process or upon changes to the e-mail addresses). The notice will be considered effective 24 hours after the e-mail is sent, unless the sender is notified that the e-mail address is not valid. Alternatively, Alma de Luce may notify you by registered letter, with postage paid and acknowledgement of receipt, to the address given to Alma de Luce. In this case, the notice will be considered effective three days after the send date of the letter.


Alma de Luce may revise and update the present Terms of Use at any moment with no prior warning, publishing said revisions or updates. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions of Service will be effective at the moment of publication of said revisions or updates. In the eventuality of using this site continuously, it is your responsibility to periodically check these Terms and Conditions of Service. Continuing to use this website or any goods and services therein implies accepting those changes.


By using Alma de Luce, you agree to prevent any unauthorized copy of this website, or any content therein. You declare and commit to not do illegal transfers, to not copy or redistribute any of this site’s content. You will be forced to immediately destroy any information or content you have transferred illegally, printed or in any way copied from this website.


The user understands that accessing Alma de Luce may involve payments from you to third parties, such as, for instance, your Internet service provider or connection costs. The user is entirely responsible for these payments and any others you may incur whilst using Alma de Luce.


Alma de Luce contains or may contain links to other websites, including publicity by third parties. However, it is not responsible or accountable for these websites or their Terms of Use. It does not inspect nor put those websites through approval. Alma de Luce expressly refuses any accountability, direct or indirect, for any damage that may be caused to any user by using any website accessed through Alma de Luce. Please read carefully the Terms of Use of each one of those websites to be entirely sure of the way they make and condition their respective goods and services. If you opt to visit any one of those websites, you do it entirely at your own risk.


The Jurisdiction of the Braga County Court is defined for the settlement of any disputes, complaints or lawsuits resulting from the present Terms of Use, or any other usage of Alma de Luce and any of its services or contents.


In the eventuality of any party (the user of Alma de Luce) initiating any complaints, actions or legal procedures, or mediation for the interpretation and/or compliance to the present Terms of Use, or other actions with that finality, including without limitations the allegation of violations of representation or guarantees, the winning party of such action has the right to recover, in addition to all other compensation, the fees of their legal representatives and remaining costs incurred through such action, including fees of legal representatives derived from appeals.


If any point, or part thereof, in the present Terms and Conditions of Service is revealed as invalid or by any reason impossible to be fulfilled, the remaining points will remain valid and must be fulfilled to the maximum extension possible, and the remaining Terms of Use will remain in effect. 


The inability from any party to comply to any point of the present Terms of Use cannot be considered as permission or consent for future non-compliance of the respective point. The absence of punishment to a violation of the present Terms of Use does not imply the absence of future punishment to the same violations of the same nature, or a different one.


The titles of the sections and subsections of the present Terms and Conditions of Service are inserted for reference and identification, and do not serve as an explanatory or interpretative component of the corresponding text.


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