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THURSDAY, august 04, 2022
Modular Sofas change the spaces, organize the rooms, and give a touch of irreverence and comfort to your project or home. Here, we will give you 6 advantages of having modular sofas in your living room or a specific project.

This concept arrived in the 60s but remained as pieces that fit into flexible furniture – the type of furniture that adapts to routines and recognizes needs.

“Form follows function – which has been misunderstood. Form and function must be one, united in a spiritual union.” 

Frank Lloyd Wright, architect and interior designer (1867-1959), 

Modular Sofas are the perfect statement of sofas that combine shapes and functions and still are a trend in the world of architecture and interior design. 

Actually, suppose you want to make a difference in your leisure spaces with a piece that is the perfect statement of functionality, practicality, dynamism, and comfort. In that case, we can guarantee you will find it in a modular sofa.

When were Modular Sofas born?

Marco Zanuso may not have been the first designer to think about this layout, but he was undoubtedly one of the pioneers. In 1967, in a partnership with B&B Italia, he created the Lombrico Modular Sofa. The following year, they took the sofa to the Milan fair, in a phase when upholstery was booming, and interior designers were working with new models of sofas and different materials.

Lombrico Sofa was designed in curvilinear lines and traduced the decade in which it was made. However, the request is modularity, an indispensable request, and that is planned to supply the furniture market for public spaces.

lombrico sofa - marco zanuso
Lombrico Modular Sofa, 1967 by Marco Zanuso


In the following year, the Italian manufacturer Arflex launched Strips, signed by Cini Boeri. The modules are a little bigger, but it's much more versatile. The piece transforms into a chaise longue and sofa bed, in addition to the different sofa possibilities. 

arflex strips-sofa

Artflex launched Strips in 1968 by Cini Boeri.

After that, more furniture brands try to show different versions of modular sofas. Nowadays, in a moment when people realize the worry about separating the working at home and leisure moments and the desire to have furniture able to optimize the spaces, modular sofas are the new thing for furniture brands.

What is the difference between a modular sofa and a traditional sofa?

A modular sofa differs from the other types of sofas we already know. It is a piece designed in separate parts, easy-to-handle components that effortlessly come together to make your sofa whole. Each piece can be produced in the exact sizes or different, and it will be possibly managed in many options. It means it will be possible to choose the number of seatings, besides the size of the entire sofa. 

There is often a system that allows you to attach the modules, but that can be changed to ensure this versatility. Traditional sofas assume a single layout without changes in the space where they will be included.  

Al-hijr-Modular-Sofa-LIVING-ROOM-ALMA-de-LUCEAl-hijr Modular Sofa, Living Room project to Oporto By Alma de Luce


Why do you need to consider the possibility of a modular sofa?

With modular sofas, you can assemble your piece in many ways and be able to change the design and features of your couch to suit your lifestyle and space perfectly. Your modular sofa can reflect your everyday life and your necessities.

Also, have you realized at some point that you need an enormous sofa? Have a sofa with a traditional layout, and want a corner sofa? Do you want to have the possibility of having a sofa separated into two parts? Or with a coffee table in the middle? Everything is possible with a modular sofa.

Check here six advantages of this conception of sofas!

1.Take the best advantage of your space

Choosing a modular sofa for your living room means choosing a piece from which you can make the most of your living room. It is possible to set the modules to have the different parts in specific spaces of your room.

Likewise, if you like a modular sofa in its entirety, but for your home, it only makes sense to have a small version, it will be possible to have the same layout with only the necessary seats.

Al-Hijr Sofa from ALMA de LUCE's new collection is a perfect example of this feature of modular sofas. We have three different versions of the same sofa to show people that it is possible to have the same layout with different sizes. The best for big groups and a compact version for small groups.

Speaking about the new collection assumes to talk about New Catalogue. Download here Alma de Luce New Catalogue.



yin yang sofa - munna

Yin Yang by Munna, 2022

2. Have the most exclusive piece of your home!

Besides the fact that we can assemble the pieces in a way it makes more sense for a specific project, with a particular number of seats and with the possibility of changing the layout frequently, we can also have the inherent advantage of this - the fact that we have an exclusive piece. A sofa that recognizes your lifestyle and it is a unique piece.

For example, the Yin Yang Modular Sofa of the Portuguese brand Munna is a piece that assumes a different layout for each person or project because of various options. It is doubtful that someone assembles this piece in the same way.


Mies-Sofa-2_LIVING-VIEW_ALMA-de-LUCEInterior Inspiration with Mies Sofa By Alma de Luce

3. Choose and change the layout of your sofá

Depending on the context, program of the day, or specific interest, it is possible to manage the same sofa from different perspectives. The motto for modular sofas is a different context, same sofa!

Having a modular sofa is having the possibility of holding the chaise longue in the middle of the sofa when you are watching a movie in the centre of the room, the possibility of managing the U-shaped sofa to facilitate interaction between people, or having the chaise longue at the end of the sofa as a complement to the piece that can be assembled or not.

Mies Sofa, inspired by the architect Mies Van Der Rohe, is one of the new pieces of Alma de Luce designed to represent the different necessities. It is a modern piece with simple lines but a comfortable structure that can be included in an Art Deco style. Comfort and functionality are the keys to this piece!


HAL-HIJR-3-piece-SOFA-Top-Side-View-Alma-de-LuceAl-Hijr Sofa By Alma de Luce

4. Different materials in a whole sofa are possible, for sure!

Another attractive advantage is mixing different fabrics on the same sofa. We have traditional sofa premises with the same fabric in the upholstery part. As we understand before, a modular sofa is a bold piece that recognises personality and distinction. Having a modular sofa can mean the combination of different colours, textures, fabrics, and materials in each part of the module.

Al-Hijr Sofa with three seatings was designed with one of the modules upholstered with our new fabrics. Coco Duck Egg Blue is in the middle, giving a touch of irreverence and elegance to this piece.

poliform - saint germainSaint-Germain by Poliform, 2022

5. Replacement and change your sofa at any time

If you choose a modular sofa to complete your living room, you know since the beginning that you will be able to change or replace modules when you want to. If you want to change the fabric of one part or pretend to replace a damaged module, it will be possible without any trouble.

In addition, it will be possible to include a coffee table to complement the entire sofa. If you are in the middle of the sofa, you can have a table next to you without resorting to the usual coffee table or side table.

The truth is there is any chance you will get tired of this sofa!

The Saint-German sofa by Poliform assumes the combination of mixed sofas and a coffee table as an addition to the entire piece.


Al-Hijr-Modular-Sofa,-Living-Room-Project-in-Dubai-by-ALMA-de-LUCEAl-Hijr Modular Sofa, Living Room Project in Dubai by Alma de Luce

6. Take your chaise lounge for another space in your living room

For enthusiasts of a moment alone in a space where there are more people or for people that wants to have the possibility to change the chaise longue to a different local, it will be possible with a modular sofa. You can bring the chaise longue to another area of ​​the same room. Put the chaise longue in the middle, in the end, or separate from the sofa. If you don't have the chaise longue, it will be possible to do the same with a regular module.

In a phase that people need to adapt to the world, having the capacity to have spaces adapted for their routines and necessities, with furniture that helps with this mission, furniture brands resourced to flexible furniture.

Flexible furniture, where it is possible to include modular sofas, is furniture with the ability to move and ease of transformation for different functions in the same form. The potential of combined sophistication and function in just one luxury piece. Actually, it is a must-have nowadays.


Modular sofas for your projects. 😍​

We hope you enjoyed the main advantages why opting for a modular sofa makes sense. If you are ready to create the projects of your dreams and surprise and dazzle your customers, get in touch with us. We will help you to create exclusive and current projects that win over your customers!

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