What's Trendy on ALMA de LUCE's world? - September

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WEDNESDAY, november 04, 2020
Take a look at our trendy pieces below. Feel inspired and get trendy with us!

Interior Design Ideas for High-End Projects:

The ANTA DA ARCA bookcase, inspired by a Portuguese legend, is a seductive piece that transcends traditional and modern borders. Its modern minimalist design with a touch of sophistication is defined as timeless. Hand-crafted and assembled by our experienced artisans, this deluxe piece features impeccable details and multiple shelves, adding practicality and elegance to the living room or home office.

PHU CAU is an armchair seat with a strong personality, characterized by the light silhouette. The soft curve of the shell, which designs the armrest and that accommodates the soft back cushion, highlights the pure and enveloping line of the feet wood.

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