Metallic Trend, one of the Top Trends to 2020

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TUESDAY, january 28, 2020
We all love luxury and sophisticated environments and 2020 looks to be great to reach that. Think in ideas and inspirations with bright and keep gold tones that Metallic Trend is going to add to the luxury interiors.

Metal | The secret for dazzling and sophisticated interiors

Metals will come to the décor in 2020 in all its variants, from minimalist environments with steel or oxidized look to gold (brass) and silver metal details for more sumptuous interiors.

Designed by ALMA de LUCE the Hyoku dinning chair and the Tesla dining table, for interior designers, are in the top of Metallic trend. They are key pieces for inspiring stunning dining rooms. They feature an exclusive and elegant design, its legs are made of metal with special brass effect, so amazing and artistic that it will leave you absolutely mind blown and make you fall in love by this handmade art.

Metallic Trend also comes in the Armchairs pieces, with metal accents and is crafted shapes. Born from the skilled of copper work, through the manual fitting of copper pipping's and legs, and rich embroidery-tradition, this accent contemporary art piece, Acoma armchair, that incorporates the know-how of making handmade pottery will inspire incredible decors around the world.

The choice of the type of piece and the desired style is fundamental when the moment of choosing the colours of the metals comes.


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