The Angel of Columbus in Tokyo

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SUNDAY, june 10, 2018
ALMA de LUCE launches a single copy edition with the Portuguese Artist Cristina Rodrigues

In the picture (left to right): Cristina Rodrigues – Portuguese Artist; Francisco Xavier Esteves - Portuguese Ambassador in Japan and Helena Costa - Co-founder of ALMA de LUCE.

ALMA de LUCE has launched a unique piece, in partnership with the Portuguese artist Cristina Rodrigues, born in Porto.
The piece was launched during the exhibition "Echoes of the Sea", of the artist herself, to commemorate the day of Portugal, promoted by the Portuguese Embassy in Tokyo and the Camões Institute. The event was held at the Hillside Forum, Tokyo. 
Curator: Rika Sugita

Inspiration and Memory

‘The Angel of Columbus’ is a piece of furniture designed and hand drawn by the artist Cristina Rodrigues. This piece is inspired in the non-western ornamental motifs that emerged in Europe during the Portuguese colonial period. The hand drawings at the front of the piece illustrate a golden angel that protected the navigators. During Christopher Columbus’s first voyage, in 1492, he reached the New World instead of Japan as he had intended. ‘The Angel of Columbus’ pays an homage to his inspirational journey.
‘The Angel of Columbus’ was presented to the public for the first time at Cristina Rodrigues’s exhibition ‘Echoes of the Sea’, at the Hillside Forum, in Tokyo, Japan (from the 12th to the 18th of June 2018). This exhibition was organised by the Portuguese Embassy in Tokyo and Instituto Camões.
The Angel of Columbus designed by Cristina Rodrigues to ALMA de LUCE The Angel of Columbus_Flower detail_designed by Cristina Rodrigues to ALMA de LUCE
The Angel of Columbus_handmade detials_designed by Cristina Rodrigues to ALMA de LUCE The Angel of Columbus_Angel details_ designed and painted by Cristina Rodrigues to ALMA de LUCE


About Cristina Rodrigues

Cristina Rodrigues is a Portuguese artist and architect born in Porto in 1980. She graduated in architecture (2004) and completed a Masters degree in medieval and Renaissance history at the University of Porto (2007), Portugal. She later moved to Manchester, United Kingdom, where she lectured at university and was awarded a Ph.D. (2016).
Full information: http://www.cristinarodrigues.co.uk/about/


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