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TUESDAY, november 08, 2022
If you have just settled on the colour palette and the furniture for the dream project, choose the right contemporary rug! You will fall in love with these Stylish and modern rugs that are the key to creating a striking effect and exclusive atmosphere.

How many times have you planned the decoration of a room and thought you have thought of everything? In the furniture, the tones or colour palette, the decorative pieces… But a fundamental element that we sometimes live for last: the rugs.

Thinking about the ideal rug for a room is one of the first things you should do, as it plays a significant role in promoting a cosy, elegant and sophisticated environment, not to mention that it can be the highlight elements of a room.
Rugs make environments more sophisticated and have several advantages in everyday life inside a house. Comfort, cosiness, heating, and acoustics are just some of the added value of this piece.

Marietas Rug by Alma de Luce

What is the importance of rugs in interior design?

How important do you give rugs? Are they a piece that you use for complements the decor? Are they the guarantee of comfort? Or are they only functional and valuable details for you?

Rugs complement any decor. They are versatile pieces capable of transforming the look of an environment and transmitting elegance and warmth when used correctly. They can fill the lower area of ​​a room that, can you imagine, would be empty without their use.

The characteristics of a specific model contribute in a particular way to an environment, according to the objectives outlined. For example, a more traditional plain model in a neutral colour is perfect for classic and timeless decor. On the other hand, creating a highlight in the set using a patterned rug is a unique opportunity. But using the influence of colour in spaces, a rug can be the element of light in a very neutral or lighter-coloured place. It's your choice! But be sure to value the importance of using rugs.

Do you want to know more about the influence of colours on architecture and interior design? Click here to learn more.

Antelope Canyon Rug by Alma de Luce

What are the advantages of using rugs in your interior design project?

  • They protect the floor of furniture and also from the movement of people;
  • Ensure comfort and warmth;
  • They function as thermal insulation, helping maintain a room's temperature and decreasing heat transfers;
  • They serve as acoustic insulators, especially relevant for those who live in apartments, as they muffle sounds, leaving the environment quieter and preventing noise from bothering neighbours;
  • Hide details on the floor;
  • Increase the safety of the room, preventing falls, especially for children and the elderly;
  • They are easy to change and move around;
  • Allow delimiting spaces, namely in the open-space division.

Black Pearl Rug by Alma de Luce

Five tips for choosing the perfect rug

1. Be creative and adapt the rug to the residents.

Any decorative project should reflect the soul of those who will enjoy that space. So have all the freedom and creativity to choose the rug you like the most that work for your client. Get inspired online, analyze several options and evaluate the variety you have at your disposal. You will only have an idea of what you want to achieve with the final result.

"An interior is a natural projection of the soul"

said Coco Chanel, one of the most famous fashion designers. And that couldn't be more true.

Besides considering your tastes, evaluate the conditions of use and what fabrics or materials should be avoided by people or animals. Do you know in what way? Imagine that your client is allergic to dust. It may be an excellent option to prevent proposed rugs with high piles, as they accumulate more dust.

Moon Rug by Alma de Luce

2. Evaluate the sizes

One of the first things to consider when choosing a rug should be its size. The size directly influences the final result since the dimensions between the rug and the environment must be proportional to ensure visual harmony.

We have already seen how rugs have the power to restrict spaces or transform them visually. Therefore, it is essential to measure the area where you want to place the rug before buying so that it fits and guarantees a final quality result. For example, ensure that the rug is larger than the table in the dining room, ensuring that the chairs are accommodated on top of it when pulled back. In the living room, you should consider the sofa's size.

If you want to decorate your dining room with the perfect rugs, here is a guide that provides images of dining rooms where you can inspire and have the dining room you have always dreamed of.

Punalu'u Rug by Alma de Luce

3. Remember the importance of colour.

If size matters in rugs, colour also plays a role. Did you know that floorcovering accounts for almost thirty per cent of a room's colour? The rug's colour will influence the room's overall atmosphere, mainly if you're predicting an area rug to fill your floor space. Because the dominant colours in a room can dictate how you feel when using that room, the atmosphere is essential when choosing the rug for the interior decor project.

If you want the rug to be the show's star, make sure it contrasts with the colour of your flooring. If your rug is going to play a secondary role, keep the colour fairly neutral to complement other furnishings in the room. The best thing about a neutral-coloured rug is that it's, well... neutral! That means it'll work with any space. 
When choosing a neutral rug, consider the tones of your walls and flooring to find a shade that will complement the space. Light tones bring in more light and maximize space, so rugs in these tones are perfect for smaller rooms. On the contrary, dark rugs in large rooms will help make the space cosier. Or, If you have dark flooring, choose a darker-toned neutral rug to keep the focus on the accent colours in your space. 

Discover here interior inspirations that will help you choose the rug colours that best suit your room or interior decoration

Douro rug by Alma de Luce

4. Bet on the combination and create a style

A beautiful and pleasing decoration implies that the pieces part of it are balanced and harmonious.

By knowing what you want for each environment, you will be able to define the most suitable type of rug. For example, a rug for a bathroom will not have the same characteristics as a rug for the dining room, which, in turn, will not have the same features as a rug for the bedroom.

As a rule, for the dining room area, the option should be for a smoother rug, while more cosy places, such as the living room and bedrooms, require more comfortable rugs that warm the environment. The rug Douro from ALMA DE LUCE's collection is an excellent choice for these areas. Inspired by the Douro valley, it is a handmade rug in botanical silk with gold details, textured in contours so present in the valley's fields. It's elegant, comfortable and sophisticated.

Longjing rug by Alma de Luce

5. Wager on patterns

It is a controversial topic and one that will not please everyone, but the use of patterned rugs gives personality and differentiation to the decor. Adapt the choice of pattern to the room's decorative style, and you will be successful.

For fans of more irreverent patterns, our suggestion is the Karesansui rug from ALMA DE LUCE, a rug that lets the imagination run wild, imagining all kinds of "meanings and shapes". If you prefer more discreet but elegant patterns, you can choose the Moon rug, with a design inspired by the moon, or the Black Pearl rug, a very lively rug inspired by the richness and rarity of black pearls.

Ready to change with incredible rugs?

With all our ideas, you can start getting inspired to upgrade any room in a house by changing the rugs. You can create a mood board or get inspiration to create a cosy, sophisticated and elegant space. 

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