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THURSDAY, october 19, 2023
October is a special month. For architects and interior designers, this month celebrates the creativity and beauty behind architecture. In the context of celebrating the World Architecture Day, we explore minimalism, how it is an essential architectural style, and how a simple piece - a sofa - can make the difference.

Architecture Month, celebrated under the influence of World Architecture Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday in October, is the opportunity to recognize and celebrate a profession and the impact of architecture on our daily lives. Hand in hand with architecture is interior design due to its significant role in how we interact and live in built spaces.

The combination of these two disciplines, intrinsically linked in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meaningful rooms, allows us to enjoy unique places, profoundly affecting our quality of life.

In a search for simplicity, functionality, and clean aesthetics, minimalism is one of the trends - and architectural styles - that unites architecture and interior design. The harmony between architecture and interior design will allow to create successful minimalist spaces.

Spaces in which just a single piece can make all the difference. This is our suggestion and challenge: to prove how a “simple” minimalist piece can completely transform a room.

"Minimalism is not about sterile, cold spaces. It's about warm, inviting environments with a sense of purpose."

John Pawson

What is minimalism in interior design?

John Pawson is a British architect whose work was recognized for its minimalist aesthetic. His definition of the concept perfectly portrays what may be the lay and uninformed opinion about minimalism and exactly what this style is.

Despite the word minimalism, which means the simplification or reduction of elements, minimalist decoration has nothing to do with cold, sterile spaces without soul or comfort. On the contrary, in simplicity lies luxury, elegance, and comfort.

Minimalism is a philosophy that emphasizes the elimination of excess and the search for the essential. Based on the expression "less is more", this means the creation of clean, organized spaces devoid of unnecessary elements. Form and function are prioritized over ornamentation and support. Straight lines, neutral colors, and simple but quality materials are used.

This blog article explains that by embracing simplicity, functionality, and a curated aesthetic, architects and designers can create living spaces that exude clarity and tranquility.

5 principles of minimalism you should know

It's a style without any great mysteries, and although, at first glance, you might think it means the absence of decoration, it's precisely the opposite. It implies an extra effort in defining the decorative pieces and furniture that match this aesthetic without giving up cushions, rugs, curtains, mirrors, or lamps. Minimalism does not mean the absence of decoration. It means thinking clearly about each piece.

When thinking about the pieces you intend to adopt in your decoration, it is crucial to keep in mind 5 principles associated with minimalism:

1. Simplicity

It is the focus of minimalism. Through neutral colors, few decorative details, or simple design, minimalist spaces avoid complexity.

2. Functionality

It is the second elemental concept. Furniture and decorative objects must be chosen based on their usefulness. Each element that makes up the room must serve a clear purpose, and nothing is used just for decoration.

3. Quality

Instead of filling empty spaces with various items, minimalism values choosing high-quality, durable objects that maintain their beauty over time.

4. Harmony and balance

With minimalism, the aim is to create a feeling of harmony and balance in a space. This can be achieved through symmetry, careful proportions, or a balanced distribution of all elements.

5. Organization

Minimalist spaces are organized and tidy rooms. Therefore, pieces that promote organization and tidiness are essential.


The minimalist sofa as the centerpiece of the decor

Based on these 5 principles of minimalism, a minimalist sofa can be the centerpiece of a living room - or any other room - to create a comfortable and welcoming space. As a decorative centerpiece, it is useful, offers comfort, and will have the power to set the tone for the entire space.

However, it must meet some requirements to be aligned with the principles of minimalism:

  • Clean and simple design: a minimalist sofa has straight lines, simple geometric shapes and few ornamental details;
  • Neutral colors: tends to have colors like white, black, gray, or pastel tones;
  • Quality materials: the focus is always on quality, so the option should be durable and structured fabrics;
  • Functionality: It cannot just be a pretty piece of furniture but must be designed with functionality and comfort.

The Ghadames sofa by ALMA DE LUCE meets all these criteria. It will, without a doubt, be the centerpiece of a minimalist decor. This very comfortable and contemporary sofa will fit in living rooms with a modern interior design style orientation. This breathtaking sofa is of genuine style with minimalist lines, ensuring modernity and elegance. 

The fabric's soft touch gives a luxury touch to every living room.

This sofa is an elegant piece made of walnut wood and leather, which reveals a place, World Heritage, in danger of disappearing. The clean and straight lines, clearly minimalist, take us back to the fantastic architecture of the iconic city of Ghadames, an oasis in western Libya, a World Heritage Site. The architecture of this city, known as the “pearl of the desert”, is demonstrably a genuine adaptation to the harsh desert climate. The compact form minimizes exposure to the sun and construction costs while ensuring family privacy and residents' comfort throughout the year. The inspiration for the Ghadames sofa by ALMA DE LUCE came from the group of buildings that make up the city.

With a vision to understand the past and interpret it through the colors, the materials, and contemporary design, ALMA de LUCE created this emotional sofa passionately inspired by the iconic city Ghadames.

What are the benefits of a minimalist sofa?

A minimalist sofa offers a sleek, clean aesthetic, functionality, durability, and versatility, creating a balanced, calming atmosphere. It provides a set of benefits for the room and for those who use it, namely:

  • A standout piece in the decor, without being dominant
  • It helps to create a feeling of space and spaciousness in the environment
  • It is an easy piece to combine with other furniture and decorative elements.
  • Serves the functions of relaxation, comfort, and socialization
  • Requires less maintenance
  • It is durable and wear-resistant
  • It is adaptable to different styles, even if the decoration of the space is no longer minimalist

3 ideas for incorporating a minimalist sofa into the decor

Incorporating the minimalist Ghadames sofa by ALMA DE LUCE into your decorative project doesn't have to be a big challenge. We present 3 solutions that will delight your customer.

1. The Ghadames sofa is the focus of the living room

The neutral color of the Ghadames sofa allows to create a highlight in the decor. This allows the sofa to stand out without dominating the space. Furthermore, it can be combined with subtle details, such as pillows in soft tones, blankets with a slight texture, or a discreet rug. On the other hand, furniture with simple, straight lines complements the simplicity and elegance of this sofa.

A minimalist sofa can bring soul to a room, just like these 5 decorative pieces we suggest in this blog article. 

2. Highlight the beauty of the Ghadames sofa through natural light

The high-quality materials of the Ghadames sofa, namely leather and walnut wood, will be highlighted by natural light. Therefore, you can opt for minimalist decor in a room where natural lighting stands out and position the sofa near a window. Furthermore, it perfectly complements a wooden coffee table with books, magazines, and a floor lamp.

3. Combine the Ghadames sofa with plants and natural elements

Since naturalness is one of the characteristics of minimalism, you can combine the decor of a living room in which the Ghadames sofa is the centerpiece with indoor plants to introduce lively elements into the scenery. Plants in simple pots and natural elements, such as stones or shells, can enhance this minimalist sofa's beauty, elegance, and class.

Bet on a sofa to create a minimalist decor

Here's a good trick: choose a statement piece as a starting point for minimalist decor. And there is nothing better than a functional, elegant, and beautiful sofa to play this role.

You can check out our Pinterest if you need inspiration for incorporating a sofa into an interior design project. Furthermore, we have a special inspiration book about sofas available for download. This book is an incredible tool for designing your living room with a piece that will make a big difference and change your entire space. You will find amazing high-end designs and inspirations from living rooms designed by Alma de Luce.

Also, stay tuned to our blog for more information and curiosities from the universe of architecture, interiors, and design! We are attentive to the latest news in the sector to give you all the necessary information.

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