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FRIDAY, may 03, 2024
Whether you’re revamping a cozy corner or reinventing your entire living room, incorporating the latest interior design trends can breathe new life into your projects. We’re highlighting a selection of furniture pieces that are set to dominate the scene, offering both style and functionality to elevate any interior.

Get inspired with ALMA de LUCE’s Furniture

Nothing quite compares to sinking into the plush embrace of a well-designed armchair or modular sofa after a long day.

In May, we’re witnessing a resurgence of appreciation for pieces that seamlessly blend comfort with sophistication. Think sleek lines, sumptuous upholstery, and subtle yet striking accents.

Whether you opt for a classic armchair adorned with soft velvet or a modular sofa that effortlessly adapts to your living space, these pieces are sure to become focal points of relaxation and refinement in your projects.

1. Functional Finesse: Masouleh Coffee Table

No living room is complete without a coffee table that strikes the perfect balance between form and function. This month, look for coffee tables that reflect your personal style and complement the overall aesthetic of your space.

Consider unique materials like glass, metal, or reclaimed wood to add character and charm. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to find a coffee table that suits your seating arrangement and enhances the flow of your room.

Masouleh Coffee Table is a contemporary piece with a large presence that can be placed at your living room. It´s a functional piece that embodies a timeless appeal. It can be used as coffee table or as side tables for lateral support of chairs and sofas.

2. Sleek Simplicity: Goathi Side Table

Side tables are the unsung heroes of any living space, offering both practicality and style. This month, keep an eye out for sleek and minimalist designs that exude understated elegance. Choose materials like marble, brass, or wood with natural finishes to add warmth and texture to your room. Don't be afraid to mix and match shapes and sizes for visual interest and functionality.

It’s in the Sami architecture inspiration that Goathi Luxury Side Table emerged.

The solid wood details are conjugated through the manual fitting of the nickel metal footers, which attribute to this design artwork a contemporary beauty. Definitely, this duality between power and refinement brings a new contemporary verve into interior design.

3. Versatile Vibes: Mies Modular Sofa

Versatility is key when it comes to furniture, and modular sofas are the epitome of adaptability. Perfect for those who love to rearrange their space or entertain guests frequently, modular sofas allow you to customize your seating arrangement to suit your needs.

The Mies Sofa refers to the minimalist design of Mies Van der Rohe's architecture. Being considered one of the main names in 20th-century architecture, ALMA de LUCE plans to pay homage to the master of minimalism.

Through the enveloping comfort of the cushions and armrests that distinguish the Mies Style, this is a sofa system that offers maximum compositional versatility, between design minimalism and generous proportions.

4. Timeless Elegance: At Turaif Sideboard

A sideboard is not only a practical storage solution but also a statement piece that can elevate the look of any room. This May, embrace the trend of elegant sideboards with sleek lines, luxurious finishes, and thoughtful details. Opt for pieces with ample storage space and consider incorporating elements like geometric patterns for added visual interest.
A well-chosen sideboard can serve as a focal point in your space while effortlessly tying together your decor scheme.

At-Turaif Sideboard is an exceptional example of earthen architecture by virtue of its diversity, its coherence, and its scale. It includes large structures and forms an outstanding example of the Najdi construction style. 
This sideboard was conceived to enrich any space, a masterpiece that carries centuries of history and finest craftsmanship into a contemporary design.

5. Unique Comfort: Harlequin Armchair

As the days grow longer and warmer, there's nothing quite like sinking into a comfortable armchair with a good book or a cup of tea.
This May, look for armchairs that marry form and function seamlessly. Opt for pieces with clean lines, plush upholstery, and perhaps a touch of retro charm. Consider bold colours like emerald red or deep navy to make a statement, or stick to timeless neutrals for versatility.

Harlequin Armchair stirs emotions like a theatre play. Bold, graceful, and elegant, the exclusive armchair offers something very different in a world of grey, a uniquely inspirational answer for the most exclusive interior design.

Unveiling the Latest Trends!

In conclusion, as we embrace the elegance of May's interior furniture trends, it's clear that comfort, functionality, and style go hand in hand. From inviting armchairs to versatile side tables and modular sofas, these essential pieces offer endless possibilities for creating a space that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle.

Are you ready to start exploring these trends?

See some inspirations on ALMA de LUCE's Pinterest that best suit your needs, your tastes, or your client's desires. Also, we will help you to create exclusive and current projects that win over your customers!

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