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MONDAY, october 02, 2023
This October, ALMA de LUCE presents this luxurious and minimalist living room. In this Living room, designed with the latest trend of ground colours palette, each detail transmits calmness and sophistication.

The earthy colours, which remind us of nature, give this space a very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.
In orther to show you some of ALMA de LUCE’s trend for this season, we join the best pieces in one unique space. Let your imagination run wild and let yourself be enchanted by ALMA de LUCE´s collection.

1. Ghadames Sofa

ALMA de LUCE introduces Ghadames Sofa, an elegant piece made in walnut wood and leather with an special embroidered pattern which reveals a place, world heritage, in danger of disappearing.

With a vision to understand the past and interpret it through the colors, the materials and contemporary design ALMA de LUCE created this emotionally sofa passionately inspired by the iconic city Guadames, a world heritage.
Known as “the pearl of the desert”, this contemporary sofa, which is very comfortable, will fit with living rooms with modern interior design style orientation.

2. Mudhif Bench

From some vernacular architectures in Middle East, ALMA de LUCE designed the Mudhif Collection, which empowers stunning and contemporary interiors.
Featuring a uniquely shaped backrest, Mudhif Collection is the ultimate expression of cozy luxury, Ideal for cozy yet glamorous dining rooms.
The inspiration in the world's heritage gives them a new life, and the certainty of contributing to a better world.

Mudhif bench features a structure in solid walnut wood and natural leather that gives it a sober and elegant look.
Need the perfect piece for your luxury living room decor? You just found it!

3. Harlequin Sideboard

In an expression of art, ALMA de LUCE honors the human spirit in all its grandeur through the Harlequin Sideboard piece of furniture.

Harlequin is the most famous personage of Commedia dell'arte, who’s function at the beginning was restricted to amuse the public during the intervals of the spectacles. The importance of the character gradually increased and his costume, made of multicolored patchwork usually in the shape of a diamond, still highlighted him more in scene.

Handmade from the finest materials, with a sense of luxury and aesthetics achieved only by our designers, the Harlequin sideboard is an essential piece of pure elegance and style for your dining room.

4. Mccool Coffee Table

ALMA de LUCE shares the Legend of Finn Mccool is about a set of volcanic rock formations that are completely surreal. Near-perfect hexagonal tube formations, which are stacked next to each other, such as puzzle pieces.

“The essence of the warrior, strong and invincible, through the finest craftman’s work.”

The modern design of the McCool coffee table captures the essence of the invincible and bold warrior of Irish myths and legends through the finest craftsmanship. 
Taking inspiration from the known legend of Finn McCool in Ireland, the Mccool coffee table brings an elegant flair into your home decoration.

5. Uchiwa Armchair

It is a fact that Japan is a country full of stories and traditions. From these traditions come the symbols that are in the memory and represent the Japanese throughout the world.

Uchiwa Armchair is a glamorous piece that combines the old with the modern. The inspiration for this chair comes from the fan used by warriors of the Japanese Empire, used to send signals on the battlefield.
The result is a wood & velvet modern armchair, which an elegant silhouette that ensures the perfect for upscale restaurants and contemporary dining rooms.

6. Apache Tears Coffee Table

The legend is about the 75 brave Apache warriors who died, but with them had died the great fighting spirit of the Pinal Apaches.
The spirits were greatly saddened and made a stone where the tears of the Apache women and their loved ones hit the ground called the Apache Tear.

The Apache Tears side table is a true luxury furniture piece, that boasts elegance and discerning taste, and that enriches the most distinctive interiors.

Portuguese furniture that reveals memories

ALMA de LUCE is more than a company that produces furniture pieces. It is a brand that aims to pay tribute to the memories and praise the World’s cultural heritage through traditional Portuguese craftsmanship.

Each piece is much more than just a simple piece. They are a legend, a form of strong love, and a tribute to many countries.

Get inspired and be creative

Start transforming your living room project today! 😊 Follow our tips and create an elegant, harmonious, sophisticated, and minimalist atmosphere for a living room. 
Follow our tips and create an elegant, harmonious, sophisticated, and minimalist atmosphere for your space. 
See some inspirations on ALMA de LUCE's Pinterest that best suit your needs, your tastes, or your client's desires. Once you're inspired, want some help getting started? Contact us here.😉

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