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THURSDAY, february 23, 2023
ALMA de LUCE® introduces a unique bedroom inspiration to start 2023 with exclusive ideas for your projects. It's an eccentric flat in New York with an Open Space concept. It was designed with one of the colors of the year: "Brave and fearless, (Viva Magenta)". Is it the mood and concept of this bedroom?

When the color of the year is the principal role

"Brave and fearless, (Viva Magenta) is a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes optimism and joy" the definition of this color is the irreverence and elegance that this interior transmits. The combination of clear shades and magenta strong colors gives a powerful and totally different statement of luxury to this space. It seems risky but incredibly bold and sophisticated. 
The ALMA de LUCE® designers tried to have a project full of color, choosing the tendency, without forgetting the functionality, comfort, and clients' preferences. 

1. Kintsukuroi Bed

Of creased lines, broken by the irregularity of the golden touch, ALMA de LUCE® introduces a KINTSUKUROI piece. With this memory inspires us in its simplicity, referring us to a refined sense of elegance and contemporaneity. 

The Kintsukuroi bed designed by ALMA de LUCE® interprets the aesthetic that is all about beauty in imperfections. The Centuries-Old Art of Repairing Broken Pottery with Gold like golden joinery. It is possible bespoke and change the metal lines design and materials. 

2. Douro Bench, NEW PIECE 2023

ALMA de LUCE® reverence the monumental nature of the Douro river valley with the DOURO bench that takes the form to complete any bedroom, living room, or hotel decor.

The Douro bench is enhanced by precise details such as the brass frieze and the wavy top hand-stitched seams, a high-tailoring detail. This piece's a must-have for your space! 

3. Metamorphosis Armchair, NEW PIECE 2023

The Metamorphosis armchair, with a unique round shape, reminds us of beautiful butterflies. These are the emblematic symbol of the personal transformation that ALMA de LUCE pays tribute to by inspiring us with the beauty and simplicity of the armchair.

This new member of the Metamorphosis family exudes a mid-century vibe and luxury design, with the rattan back wrapped in walnut wood crafted by incredible craftsmen. 

The upholstery possibilities are endless, with fabrics and leathers that can be combined with the two available kinds of wood, walnut or ash. This piece will be the piece that will surprise the guests. It has a strong and organic design that gives a touch of modernity to the space. 

4. Marqueyssac Rug

The Marqueyssac pieces designed by ALMA de LUCE® reveal an ancient and memorable topiary art, taken to the highest exponent in the suspended gardens of Marqueyssac, one of the most beautiful achievements in the history of French gardens.

Perfect for the most contemporary interiors, always with the characteristic refinement of Alma de Luce’s designs.

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