Personal Collection

See the world from another angle,
runs through it with greedy and dazzled eyes of beauty.
I moved and i am no longer the same.
I am a butterfly in the world, in full metamorphosis.
In this fascinating transformation,
I spread my wings, i’ m ready to fly.
I’m soul, immortal spirit
I’m another and the same.

Metamorphosis MEMORY

Alma de Luce assumes itself as a butterfly in the interpretation of each memory, giving them new life and interpretation, creating new memories.

From ancient cultures such as the Greek, the Maori of New Zealand, the Aztec or Mayan, the soul is represented in the form of a butterfly, because symbolizes the transformation and the change in its metamorphosis.

They also believe that the soul returns to earth after death as a butterfly. Butterfly symbolizes the transformation and change.

She knows she will be ready for when it is the time to open the cocoon. And after it will never be the caterpillar she was, because she gained new wings that will let her Be and Fly fully. She knows! This is her individual and unique process, as each of us has his.

In some cultures they are considered as lucky charms.

The Greek word "psyche" originally had two meanings. The first is "soul", deeper source of human being life. The second was butterfly, symbolizing immortal spirit. In Greek mythology the personification of the soul (psyche) was usually represented by a female figure, more girl than woman and with butterfly wings. The popular Greek beliefs conceived the soul as a butterfly.



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