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SATURDAY, october 01, 2022
Coffee tables in a living room are much more important than we realize. They are practical and functional and can be a critical piece of a room. A coffee table can help you give the room the personality it needs to make a difference.

When you enter a room, what is the first piece you look at? Possibly your answer was the sofa. But there is one piece that makes all the difference in the decoration. And the coffee table was always the centre of attention in the room.

The coffee table creates the perfect balance in one of the house's main rooms. As a rule, we located them in the middle of the living room. But a coffee table is more than a decorative element. They can be full of functionality. They are attractive and capable of giving a special touch to different types of decoration. A coffee table is a piece that enhances a space, allows you to expose decorative items, and helps to organize the environment. One of its main assets is its versatility. But also with the function of filling a space.

Thinking about the importance of having a coffee table and how you can enhance this piece in your living room decor, we have prepared an article with possibilities for coffee tables and all the tips to choose the ideal option.


Living-Room-3-benefits-of-having-a-coffee-table-ALMA-DE-LUCELiving Room with Ballet Coffee table by Alma de Luce


How did coffee tables appear?

Initially, coffee tables had a purely commercial purpose. That is, they had the function of facilitating business between the owner and tenants on the property.

In ancient times, the coffee table - located in the centre of the entrance hall or a lounge - was unoriginal and distinctive in design. A kind of Drum shape with a pedestal base and sterilized feet to prevent boot damage. The top was round or octagonal in an oak or sturdy walnut effect. Its perimeter would have seven drawers, one for each day of the week and, in some cases, one for storing money.

The evolution of social life has transported business to offices, and, as such, the coffee table has become an object of beauty. It became the focal point of a room.

Masouleh-coffee-table-3-benefits-of-having-a-coffee-table-ALMA-DE-LUCELiving Room with Masouleh Coffee table by Alma de Luce


How to choose a coffee table?

There are several models of coffee tables on the market. Each model will create a different visual effect. To choose the perfect coffee table for your living room, consider the following tips:

  • Harmony: ensure that the composition of the space is visually pleasing to the eye by combining colours, textures, patterns and other decorative elements. A more traditional room combines a classic and elegant piece, while a contemporary room combines a more modern piece of furniture.

  • Material: the coffee table material complements the chosen decorative style. For example, a wooden table gives a natural and cosy look, and a glass table offers a modern touch to the decor.

  • Format and design: Format and design: you can choose a rectangular, square, oval or more irreverent design, always following the pattern of the environment. The design and materials are features that will make the coffee table the protagonist of the room, capable of attracting eyes in a fraction of a second. A tip can be to base the shape of the coffee table on the form of the sofa: a rectangular or L-shaped sofa matches a rectangular table, while more petite sofas require square or round tables.

  • Measures: Always consider the space and coffee table measurements to create a harmonious and functional interior. The perfect coffee table should fill the space, ensuring enough circulation around it. Also, evaluate the height of the furniture concerning the sofa seat.


The biggest challenge regarding interior design or home decor is creating the perfect living room, which can seem daunting. Here is a book of inspirations for you to make the most perfect, visually pleasing and stunning living rooms.

Kanzashi-coffee-table-3-benefits-of-having-a-coffee-table-ALMA-DE-LUCELiving Room with Kanzashi Coffee table by Alma de Luce


Benefits of having a coffee table

Although it may seem like just a decorative detail, a coffee table is one of the essential pieces of furniture in your living room. As we've already seen, it not only improves the look and feels of the room but also performs a critical utility function. The coffee table is an elegant piece to capture all the personality of a living room or even an outdoor space.

This piece of furniture, which goes far beyond its decorative power, has several advantages in its use:

1. Functionality

You can use the coffee table in different ways, such as supporting glasses, plates and snacks, books, magazines or television controls. Options with drawers are favourable for storing objects. Also, did you know that nowadays, more technological solutions with USB entrances allow you to charge the batteries of tablets and smartphones?

2. Harmonization of the environment

Regardless of the model you choose, a coffee table complements the other elements in the room, ensuring a harmonious environment composition. Since the coffee table will capture attention, the best way to ensure harmony is by choosing a piece according to the room's colours, textures, prints and materials. This way, you can be sure that the final decoration will have a unique touch.

3. Decoration

A coffee table can be just decorative, functioning as a way to display decor items you want to highlight, such as floral arrangements, sculptures, family photographs or other decorations that will make the space personalized.


Five coffee table suggestions from ALMA de LUCE's collection

Feel inspiration from the known legend of Finn McCool in Ireland. The modern design of the McCool coffee table captures the essence of the invincible and bold warrior of Irish myths and legends through the finest craftsmanship. This centre table brings an elegant flair to your home decoration.

Mccool-coffee-table-detail-3-benefits-of-having-a-coffee-table-ALMA-DE-LUCEMccool Coffee table by Alma de Luce


Our second suggestion is the Goathi centre table, a functional piece that incorporates that timeless appeal behind the woodwork, elegantly designed in simple, clean lines. Available to a set of two coffee tables and an elegant and highly decorative stool that gives an attractive presence to any environment.

Goathi-Coffee-Detail-table-3-benefits-of-having-a-coffee-table-ALMA-DE-LUCEGoathiCoffee Table By Alma de Luce


Do you want glamour and luxury in your living room? Choose the Pamukkale centre table, designed to make an impression and deliver an unmatched experience.

Pamukkale-coffee-table-3-benefits-of-having-a-coffee-table-ALMA-DE-LUCEPamukkale Coffee Table By Alma de Luce


If you're a fan of decoration inspired by nature and want to transport these feelings to your living room, Roatan is a perfect choice. This coffee table is the true essence to reach organic decor. One of the following interior design trends is furniture inspired by nature's shapes. This table is a good start.

Roatan-coffee-table-2-3-benefits-of-having-a-coffee-table-ALMA-DE-LUCERoatan Coffee Table By Alma de Luce


Last but not least, we suggest the table Ballet, a reinterpretation of the ballerinas' tutus that breathes sophistication and delicacy. Definitely, this coffee table is a statement piece for the most luxurious interior designs.

Ballet-Coffee-Detail-table-3-benefits-of-having-a-coffee-table-ALMA-DE-LUCEBallet Coffee Table by Alma de Luce


A small detail, the perfect design

"The details are not the details. They make the design."
Charles Eames, Designer

Designer and architect Charles Eames knew the importance of little details to make a difference in interior design. With a coffee table, you can have a small point that will create the perfect balance in your living room. Take this opportunity to follow our tips and choose the ideal solution!

See here on Alma de Luce's Pinterest some inspirations that best suit your needs, your tastes or your client's desires. Once you're inspired, want some help getting started? Contact us here.😉

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