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WEDNESDAY, november 13, 2019
Be amazed and inspired by these luxurious and inspirational sideboards. Give to your dining or living room a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Dom Sebastião

The Portuguese legend of D. Sebastião inspired ALMA de LUCE to do this exclusive and luxurious sideboard. 
Imagine the sumptuous costumes of the court in the sixteenth century, rich and graceful fabrics, full of brocades and details of sewing, proper to a great king, thus emerged this luxury sideboard.

Top in Estremoz white marble with polished finish. Upholstered in Super Suede fabric. Legs & frieze in coated Brass effect polished. 




To celebrate the wonderful nature ALMA de LUCE introduce us to these amazing piece so that we know how to give true value and esteem to the world heritage.
The sideboard FIREFALL was designed to provide an unparalleled experience. This exquisite piece will add a breathtaking touch of elegance and glamour to your luxury Dining room.

Exterior in pau ferro veneer with matt varnish finish. Footer & frieze in gold leaf with matt finish.




Fendi casa, cenographic and linear, Serengeti low cabinet is characterized by a monolithic structure, with doors that open outward, defined by the valuable matte-finished Ebony Macassar.




Through the fusion of design and mastery of artisan, ALMA de LUCE, introduce this elegant piece.
The Darvaza crater is well represented in the sideboard's details. The comtemporary piece is totally handmade, since the wood work, piece by piece application. Designers use Darvaza in contemporary interiors.

Exterior in Solid Walnut wood with matt finish & Interior in Special effect coat ref. Golden Nickel. Drawers, Shelves, footer & back in Special effect coat ref. Golden Nickel.




The Robson Furniture sideboard features a modular Nazca design which is extremely eye-catching and is a perfect storage solution with 4 doors. 

Solid walnut root veneer in a beautiful matte finish, the base is constructed from solid brass in a vintage matte finish.




In an expression of art, ALMA de LUCE honors the human spirit in all its grandeur through this piece of furniture.
Handmade from the finest materials, with a sense of luxury and aesthetics achieved only by our designers, the Harlequin sideboard is an essential piece of pure elegance and style for your dining room.

Top in Nero Marquina marble. Body in oak wood in matt, with normal and darkened finish. Drawers & interior: special effect in Golden Nickel. Legs in Brass metal effect with gloss finish.

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