What's Trendy on ALMA de LUCE's world? - November

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THURSDAY, september 30, 2021
November can be the month of sophistication, luxury, and boldness. For that, you only need to choose Alma de Luce's Furniture to include in your projects or home. Get inspired with the best-seller chosen for November.

In Alma de Luce's world, November means color, fun, and stunning shapes.

We are suspicious. Nonetheless, we think this combination can make the perfect statement of luxury and sophistication.

The Kintsukuroi Sofa matches perfectly with Cappadocia Coffee Table and Mousgoum Armchairs.

Do you agree?


N003_106 - KINTSUKUROI SOFA _ALMAdeLUCEKintsukuroi Sofa of creased lines, broken by the irregularity of the golden touch, Alma de Luce introduces a sofa, the Kintsukuroi. This piece inspires us in its simplicity, referring us to a refined sense of elegance and contemporaneity. 



Designed to recreate the dream of man to be free and to fly, Alma de Luce unveils us with the beauty and elegance of the piece Cappadocia the history of the hot air balloon.

This is how the Cappadocia luxury coffee table emerged. Imagine a beautiful hot air balloon flying in an amazing landscape. 


CAPPADOCIA STOOL Main View ALMA DE LUCECappadocia Stool can give your room the touch of elegance in the form of an exquisite piece. If the space needs some irreverence and sophistication, choose this stool, and this combination of super suede fabric with an estremoz marble on top makes the difference in your room. MOUSGOUM ARMCHAIR  - Main View - ALMA de LUCE


The modern armchair Mousgoum features an exclusive embroidered pattern that reflects the best elements of your living room, adding a touch of warmth and delicacy.


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