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FRIDAY, september 23, 2022
Fall's our favourite decoration season! Check out our fall interior design guide with the top 5 trends that will dominate the season. These are the Autumn trends to create the most luxurious and exclusive interiors.

Another autumn is just around the corner. The days become shorter. With the mildest temperatures, leaves fall, and people spend more time at home. There's still time to adapt your favourite rooms, follow the main trends and bring Autumn into your home. Do you like to keep up with the trends in decoration and interior design for each season?

This article gathered the top 5 trends that will dominate interior design in the coming months.


Autumn-Trends-in-Interior-Design-Bonsai-table-4-Dining-Room-ALMA-de-LUCEInterior Inspiration for Minimalist style by Alma de Luce


5 Five trends you cannot miss this Autumn

1. Minimalism

A trend that is not new, and it is here to stay. Minimalist design will continue strong, true to the idea that less is more. How? Having less but better is the motto for a reality in which sustainability and quality are valued.

More than a decorative style, minimalism is a lifestyle in which the idea is to keep only the fundamental elements, avoid excesses, and combine aesthetics and functionality. The priority is comfort and valuing quality over quantity.

How to apply this trend?

  1. Define what is needed;
  2. Invest in multifunctional pieces;
  3. Choose pieces with innovative and differentiated design;
  4. Prefer quality and durability;
  5. Opt for a neutral colour palette, with emphasis on grey, black, white, and pastel tones
  6. Bet on the details to give a boost to the decoration

See how modular sofas fit in beautifully with this trend and how they can help you create minimalist spaces that will amaze your clients.

 Autumn-Trends-in-Interior-Design-Living-Room-3-ALMA-de-LUCEInterior Inspiration for Naturalness style by Alma de Luce


2. Naturalness

The connection to nature and to what is most natural remains high. The focus on raw materials and plants is the main feature of this trend.

In Autumn 2022, the rooms will be filled with even more green. On the one hand, natural materials such as rattan, wood, wicker, or bamboo stand out in varied and attractive colours. But other elements stand out, such as prints with flowers, insects, or animals. In addition, one of the main elements used in this trend is plants.

Other characteristics of this trend are natural lighting in spaces. Combining elements such as wood, raw materials, plants, and natural light results in brighter, more comfortable, warm, and welcoming environments.

If you are a fan of this trend, know that you must adapt the choice of plants to the rooms to be decorated, you can invest in natural elements (linen, wool, wicker, wood or bamboo), and, finally, you must not forget the colour palette.

Do you know how to choose the colour palette for your project? Here, we explain how colours influence and enhance our well-being, so nothing is more important than defining the colour palette for the success of your projects.


Autumn-Trends-in-Interior-Design-Longjing-rug-top-view-Living-Room-ALMA-de-LUCELongjing Rug by Alma de Luce


3. Autumn Colors

They are the season's colours, so they are the main trend colours. Although Very Peri is the Pantone colour for this year, using the warmest Autumn colours in interior decoration is essential.

Green is one of the main trends, following the enhancement of naturalness and sustainability. For this Autumn, the greens become darker and more profound. Our suggestion is to choose standout pieces that fit this trend, such as the Longjing rug from ALMA de LUCE's collection, which illustrates the delicacy and strength of nature, featuring a combination of shades from different lines. There are many options for cushions, pots, vases, lamps, blankets, and decorative pieces.

In this colour palette, earth tones also guarantee success, complementing naturally inspired designs. Brown, ocher, and deep orange with direct inspiration from the soils can be introduced in the decoration through tables, rugs, pillows, or blankets and in decorative notes. There are pieces, such as the Bonsai dining table from ALMA de LUCE's collection, which combines natural rich materials and elegance perfectly. The walnut wood plinth combined with Estremoz marble gives this piece an unusual and chic effect.

Another colour that reappears in autumn interior design trends is gold, a colour that reflects sophistication and elegance.


Autumn-Trends-in-Interior-Design-Bonsai-table-Dining-Room-ALMA-de-LUCEInterior Inspiration with Bonsai Dining Table by Alma de Luce


4. Comfort and functionality

Attractive pieces are not enough. The pandemic has transformed the way people see and enjoy their homes. During and after the pandemic/confinement, comfort and functionality were watchwords that topped all the trend lists, whether in terms of fashion, design, or interior design. In this case, comfort and functionality reflect the need for each person to feel good inside their home due to the increased time spent at home.

This trend is inspired by combining furniture and decorative elements into environments to ensure greater harmony. Functionality is a concept reflected through furniture that adds more functions to an environment, such as a dining table that can be transformed into a study or work area.

How to apply this trend? Follow our tips:
1. Include elements that convey comforts, such as pillows and rugs of different sizes, sizes, textures, and colours;
2. Match the tone of the light to the environment;
3. Apply natural materials that invite relaxation and the search for visual balance in the decoration;
4. Choose the palette of tones to use;
5. Select multifunctional elements and furniture;

Need inspirations? Ideas for living rooms that align with this trend? Discover here inspirations that will help you to create wonderful spaces in line with trends.


Autumn-Trends-in-Interior-Design-ALMA-de-LUCEInterior Inspiration by Alma de Luce


5. Tradition and contemporaneity

The latest trend for this Autumn in interior design combines traditional classic style with contemporary touches. The movement is also to decorate rustic or classic spaces with modern pieces. If, on the one hand, there is a connection with affective memories, in which there is a focus on handmade pieces, materials, and fabrics that tell stories. On the other hand, their use is made in contemporary environments.

This dichotomy can be a real challenge but conveys personality and innovation to environments and spaces. Don't know how to mix styles in a single room? Three simple tips will make your job easier:

1. Take into account the architecture of the spaces you want to decorate;
2. Choose a colour palette to unify the two styles;
3. Use and abuse of decorative pieces, small details, and accessories;


Autumn-Trends-in-Interior-Design-Living-Room-2-ALMA-de-LUCEInterior Inspiration by Alma de Luce. Living Room with natural materials.


The interior design trend that is a reflection of you

Which of these five trends is your favourite? In the season that soon begins, adapt your projects or home's interior design and put into practice one of these trends that we suggest ensuring sophistication and functionality, a must-have these days.

Did you like our tips? So, stay tuned to our blog to receive more information and curiosities from the universe of architecture, interiors, and design!

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