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FRIDAY, january 27, 2023
A mirror can incredibly transform a room. Whether it is used for functionality, to double space, to add depth, or even to create contrast, mirrors are a solution for changing a room. Follow our tips for using mirrors creatively.

A mirror can only have the function of reflecting our image. But it could be much more. It can be the element that makes a small room feel larger. It can be the element that attracts and reflects light. It can even create an illusion of depth. It may be a decorative element.

Mirrors aren't just for specific rooms but are perfect for any area, decorative style, or home. Its versatility is one of its main assets. Whether small or large, more elaborate or simple, it is one of the pieces that must be included in the decoration. Some creative ways to use a mirror go beyond their essential functions, and they are sure to enhance the decorative style of a room.

A mirror can enlarge a room. Bedroom by Alma de Luce

What are the functions of a mirror in decoration?

Decorative mirrors can add different effects to a room, which is why they play a crucial role in interior design. Mirrors can be used for many reasons besides their everyday function to reflect our image. Some have traditional shapes such as squares, rectangles, or ovals, and others are irreverent and can have ornate frames. Although with several functions, searching for the perfect mirror often includes a beautiful one.

In addition to its obvious function, a mirror can do one of the following:

  • Enlarge a room

A mirror creates an illusion of space, especially in small rooms or homes, helping the space to appear larger. For example, if you place it on the floor and slightly tilt it, the ceiling will appear higher. Also, placing a large mirror on an empty wall in a smaller space will create a feeling of spaciousness.

  • Add light

While a mirror can easily double a room's appeal through its reflection, it can also increase its brightness. Mir mirrors can improve the situation if you have a dark house or a dimly lit room. Hang mirrors near windows to bring more natural light into the room. You can also arrange mirrors to reflect artificial lighting. How? If your dining room has a chandelier, try hanging a mirror to reflect the beauty and light of the lamp.

  • Hide imperfections

Some interior designers use mirrors to hide objects from view. Carefully placed, a mirror can hide imperfections, wall scratches, cracks, unsightly stains, or other defects. This is an effective, practical, and aesthetically pleasing solution.

A mirror can improve architectural features. Entryway by Alma de Luce
  • Improve architectural features

This function is mainly applied in rooms with an architectural style or a specific decoration. But the truth is that a mirror can be the standout element to enhance architectural features. For example, in a room with a more classic style, a mirror with the characteristics of this style will give the space a different atmosphere.

  • Create good energy

Adding a mirror can help a room look prettier and more pleasant to the eyes. We can either use it to redirect the circulation of chi energy in an environment or to reflect and bend a "positive" image in the home. We can also use them to isolate an environment from an energy problem. Did you know that, for example, in Feng Shui, the mirror, included in the "shiny objects", is considered one of the "nine cures"? This piece has the power to give personality and comfort, drawing attention to details and reflecting them.

  • Be a decorative piece

A mirror can also have only one function: to decorate. Large mirrors or mirrors with decorative frames attract the eye and become visually prominent, being the specific points of a room. They can be genuine art pieces that stand out in space.
See in this blog article more pieces you can use in decoration to boost it into a stylish, stunning, and cosy style.

A mirror can be a decorative Piece. Meghalaya Mirror by Alma de Luce

5 creative ways to use a mirror

You don't need to use a mirror on a random wall. There are many creative and clever ways to use a mirror in a room. The secret is creativity. Don't be afraid to take risks and experiment. To make it easier, we've put together 5 creative ways to use a mirror:

1. Mixing large and small mirrors

How you use mirrors will make all the difference. As we said, the trick is to be creative. You don't need to place a mirror on a wall. You can create a unique space in the same room by mixing and matching large and small mirrors. Another idea is to use different-sized mirrors in different areas of the same room. 

Dining Room with mixed-size mirrors.
Darvaza mirrors by Alma de Luce

2. Using mirrors to create symmetry

A mirror can be especially effective when you want to create symmetry in a room, helping to balance the space's appearance, comfort, and harmony. For example, you can place a mirror between two chairs or opposite sides of an entryway or hallway. Thus, you are also creating depth that adds contrast and interest to the space. Also, if you have an area in your room that doesn't get a lot of natural light, you can add mirrors to help boost the lighting.

3. Vary the height of the mirror

There is an ideal height at which a mirror should be placed. The perfect size should be neither too high nor too low and should be, on average, between 1.40m / 55in and 1.80m/ 71in. But you can take the risk and put a mirror on the ceiling if justified according to the decor. For example, you can use a mirror from the base of the hallway to the ceiling to create a greater sense of depth. It's your own choice. 

Create a wall mirror to boost your style in a room. Dining room by Alma de Luce

4. Create a "wall of mirrors."

There are endless possibilities for creating a wall that works for your style. Mirror wall inspirations are everywhere and have been quite popular in recent years. You can choose different size mirrors and combine them harmoniously, or you can also opt for a mirror-like the Marqueyssac from ALMA de LUCE, a modern wall mirror with wood accents and polished stainless steel with brass, copper and nickel effect that gives the idea of an elegant and sophisticated "wall of mirrors" perfect for bedrooms, hallways or living rooms. This way guarantees light reflection and depth in the room. Here's a tip for adding an artistic touch to any space.

Marqueyssac mirror.

5. Using a large mirror as an art form

There are mirrors that, in themselves, are authentic artworks. They can be the decorative centrepiece of a room and draw all the attention. You can even think of the decorative style as a function of that mirror. Like the Longjing mirror from ALMA de LUCE, its shape or frame can be the principal inspiration for this style. Beyond the materials from which it is made or the concepts. For example, the Meghalaya mirror from ALMA de LUCE is a creative piece that will add a sense of natural surroundings to the living room or hall.

Longjing Mirror
Dom Sebastião Mirror
Amaterasu Mirror to enhance your living room.

Ready to transform a room with a mirror?

"I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk."

Dorothy Draper

Take a risk. Diversify. Try it. Follow the advice of interior designer Dorothy Draper and bet on a mirror to take a chance at decorating a room. A mirror can have many roles and be much more than our reflection. For example, you can start by creating a mood board or get inspiration to create a cosy, sophisticated, and elegant living room. 

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