Inspirational dining chair ideas!

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THURSDAY, february 13, 2020
Be amazed and inspired by these luxurious and inspirational dining chairs. Give your dining room a touch of elegance and sophistication. 


The Uchiwa chair is a hymn to detail. From its wood frieze in a minimalist faceted style to its unique woodwork in walnut solid wood structure.

Upholstery in Alma de Luce Super Suede fabric. Legs walnut wood in matt finish and frieze in special brass effect.



Mudhif dining armchair, which empowers stunning and contemporary interiors has a uniquely shaped backrest. The chair is the ultimate expression for cozy luxury interiors and glamorous dining rooms.

Upholstery in Alma de Luce Super Suede fabric. Legs & backrest in solid walnut wood in matt finish.



Thought to be the perfect contemporary element to have in any dining room, the Mason Dining Chair is the epitome of contemporary design. Made of the best materials, each detail gives a refined look to this dining chair.

Solid Walnut Wood, Mezzo Fabric and Polished Brass.

Black Pearl

This special and dazzling heritage, Black Pearl chair, is an exclusive piece of furniture to inspire unique and sophisticated interiors with modern orientation decor.

Upholstery in Alma de Luce Super Suede fabric. Legs in metal coated in coated with Brass effect in a gloss finish.


Coleman recalls an era of bold retro lines and geometric forms, featuring an outstanding functional design infused with savoir flair. 

Munna fabrics except for Wild Silk. Walnut veneer.

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