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THURSDAY, february 22, 2024
Neutral colours can take on a leading role, bringing an aura of elegance and sophistication that transcends trends. In neutral colours, simplicity and complexity coexist harmoniously. Welcome to the world of neutral colours, where each shade is a blank canvas waiting to tell a unique story.

Each new project is a blank canvas waiting to tell a story. Colours are fundamental in creating engaging and aesthetically striking atmospheres on this canvas. But among all the colour palettes available, neutral colours emerge as the protagonists. They are a guiding thread that transcends fashions and styles, providing a timeless elegance that captivates the eye and the soul. 

Beyond black, white, and grey, neutral colors encompass a wide variety of subtle and sophisticated tones, such as beige, ivory, cream, and brown. This diversity of tones gives neutral colours one of their most striking characteristics: versatility. 

Even so, the true power of neutral colours lies in their ability to transcend styles, adapting to different times, trends and tastes. Whether in minimalist areas, classic spaces or contemporary areas, neutral colours act as transformative elements, adding elegance and sophistication to the decor.

“Neutral palettes are perfect when we are going for rejuvenation, restoration, and relaxation. They act as a wonderful backdrop for beautiful furnishings, art, and accessories, allowing statement pieces to shine. Neutral palettes are all we need when we have truly stunning architecture, as that requires very little extra help.”

Sandra Funk, interior designer from House of Funk

What are neutral colours?

Neutral colours have some peculiarities that make them different from the rest of the colour wheel. By definition, neutral colours are those with low intensity and saturation. In addition, they have the exact quantities as the three most common primary colours: red, yellow, and blue. Another characteristic of neutral colours is that the light they projected lacks chroma, i.e., they don't have a prominent tone. 

The neutral colour scale ranges from white to black, the most representative in this category. Thus, white is the result of the sum of all colours, while black is the absolute absence of colour. 

Beyond words: the silent psychology of neutral colours

In an aesthetic space, neutral colours also trigger a complex dance of emotions, acting as catalysts for feelings and sensory experiences. That's why understanding the psychology of neutral colours is like unlocking the secrets of a silent language. For interior designers, in order to know which colour palette to choose, it is important to understand the meaning behind neutral colours.

Unveiling the purity of white

White is one of the primary colours in the neutral colour palette. The shade stands out, inviting the mind to explore purity and simplicity. White is more than the absence of colour; it is a statement of purity, luminosity, and infinite possibilities. 

By incorporating white into your interior design projects, you are shaping your clients' emotions. White opens up spaces, making them airy and providing a sense of cleanliness and order. In spaces for rest, such as bedrooms or living rooms, white creates a tranquil atmosphere, inviting contemplation and rejuvenation. 

In addition, white is the colour that dominates minimalist spaces.

Gray: elegance in subtle tones

Gray is a neutral shade that invites balance, providing the perfect palette for creating contemporary and sophisticated spaces. Gray is the embodiment of neutrality, suggesting stability and composure. Gray is the choice for workspaces or leisure areas, allowing other decorative elements to stand out. 

Whether in lighter shades of gray, to create a light atmosphere, or darker shades, for a cozy feel, gray adapts to various styles. 

Don't forget that one of the primary trend colours for 2024 is Sustained Grey, a colour that has the versatility of evergreen and neutral colours that can promote a slowdown in consumption, in line with the collective desire to have "just enough" and to enable recycling and reuse. It is a colour that evokes a feeling of confidence.

Browns and beige: a cozy, earthy palette

Shades of brown and beige add a cozy, organic layer to spaces, connecting us to nature and infusing warmth into every nook and cranny. It is these neutral, earthy tones that reveal the influence of nature on interior design

Brown, in its various nuances, suggests stability and confidence. In living areas, such as the living room or dining room, it is a choice that envelops the occupants in a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Due to its soft delicacy, beige creates a feeling of calm and relaxation and is perfect for rest areas.

Black: undisputed elegance

Although considered the absence of colour, black is the sum of all colours. It stands out as an imposing presence and a statement of undeniable elegance. Its conscious use adds an aura of mysticism and sophistication to a space. 

In contemporary interiors, black can be a dramatic element, defining contours and highlighting details. In classic areas, black can evoke an atmosphere of luxury and timelessness. 

One of black's greatest strengths is its ability to create contrast. With lighter neutral colours, black highlights specific elements, making a visual focal point. This is one of the best ways to emphasize pieces of furniture, works of art, or architectural details.

3 main decorating trends with neutral colours

Neutral colours go beyond trends. But they are still a trend in interior decoration that allows us to create contemporary and sophisticated spaces.

  • Trend 1: resplendent minimalism

Minimalism persists as a decorating trend that celebrates simplicity and functionality. Using neutral colours in this context emphasizes aesthetic purity and contributes to creating bright, balanced spaces. 

Opt for shades of white, gray, and beige in a minimalist space. Choose furniture with simple lines, such as the Ghadames sofa from ALMA de LUCE. This is the piece that combines these characteristics, as well as having a wooden base, which warms up the space and creates a cozy feeling. 

Minimalism with neutral colours stands out for its discreet elegance, providing a clean and sophisticated visual experience.

  • Trend 2: sophisticated contrasts in contemporary areas

The fusion of neutral colours with sophisticated contrasts is a trend that redefines contemporary aesthetics. We can create visually dynamic spaces without compromising timeless elegance by incorporating touches of darker, more vibrant colours, such as black or dark brown. 

Try combining a neutral sofa in light tones with cushions and textiles in green or maple. You can also introduce metallic details to add a touch of luxury. These contrasts make the room more captivating, and the neutral colours act as a backdrop, maintaining visual cohesion. The best way to understand how to combine the different elements is through a moodboard, the perfect tool to help you visualize your ideas.

  • Trend 3: nature and sustainability

The trend for incorporating natural elements into interior design projects is gaining momentum. Neutral colours, therefore, play an essential role, providing a serene base connected with nature. 

In this trend, you can adopt earthy tones, such as brown and beige, creating a colour palette that evokes the earth. 

In addition, you will create an organic space by selecting natural materials such as wood, marble, or natural fibers. Materials play a central role in the creation and experience of interior design spaces in many ways. GINKGO side table from ALMA de LUCE is a perfect example of furniture you can use. The table top in Nero Marquina and Estremoz Marble and the body in solid walnut reinforce the connection to nature within your interior design.

Tips for decorating with neutral colours

Exploring the potential of neutral tones unlocks secrets that transform spaces into timeless odes to sophistication. That's why we present 5 practical tips for decorating with neutral colours:

  • Vary textures to add dimension: when decorating with neutral colours, varying textures is crucial in creating depth and visual interest. Try combining different textures, such as linen, leather, wood, and metal, to add complexity to the room. Also, layer textural furnishings to create depth, contrast, and visual interest, making the room more attractive.

  • Use accent elements: despite following a neutral palette, introducing accent elements can add a touch of drama and personality to the space. Opt for accessories or pieces of furniture in more vibrant colours or with striking designs to create focal points. A fantastic example? In a neutral living room, choose the Matterhorn armchair from ALMA by LUCE to add vitality without compromising the overall elegance of the neutral colour palette. 

  • Play with lighting: the proper lighting can completely transform the perception of the neutral colours in the space. Use general, focused, and accent lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere and highlight specific details.

  • Adopt a monochromatic approach: a monochrome approach with neutral colours can create a cohesive and elegant aesthetic. Choose a neutral colour as a base and vary the shades, from lighter to darker, to add depth without losing harmony.

Ready to start decorating with neutrals?

Decorating with neutral colours is like having an ace up your interior design sleeve. It's time to leave behind the fleetingness of trends and embrace the durability of neutral colours. Elegance is in the details, versatility, and timelessness.

If you are ready to create the projects of your dreams in neutral colours and dazzle your customers, contact us. We will help you to create exclusive and current projects that win over your customers!

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