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THURSDAY, february 15, 2024
Sleeping well is much more than a simple routine: it's vital for your physical and mental health. Choosing the right bed plays a crucial role in this ritual, transforming the bedroom into a sanctuary of rest and revitalization. Come and find out which elements to consider when choosing your dream bed.

"Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room."

Mark Hampton, American interior designer

And this phrase couldn't be more true when we're talking about a bedroom! Rest becomes a precious commodity in increasingly fast-paced and professionally and socially demanding lives. Resting in a haven where you can recharge your batteries, nourish your mind, and revitalize your body to face the challenges of everyday life is essential. The bedroom is, therefore, the epicenter of relaxation and rejuvenation. Its heart is the bed. Much more than a functional piece of furniture, it is a conscious choice that directly affects sleep quality and life. 

The bed is the emotional epicenter of the bedroom. In this piece of furniture, desires, and needs intertwine in search of the perfect balance between comfort and style. 

Every bedroom is unique. It is a portrait of the person who inhabits it. The choice of bed is the personal signature in this scenario. It will always be the most prominent element. However, choosing the perfect bed can be a challenging exercise that goes far beyond physical comfort. From sizes to materials, from harmonizing with the decorative style to the main trends, there are many factors to consider. Find out everything in this article!

How important is the selection of bedroom furniture?

The bedroom is a space where comfort meets aesthetics. The choice of furniture is the key to this balance. Investing time in carefully choosing furniture in a bedroom interior design project is the basis for creating a space that transcends the ordinary. 

Much more than mere aesthetics, the selection of furniture for the bedroom allows to shape the experience, comfort and identity of the space: 

  • It has a direct impact on the experience the client will have in the room; 

  • The furniture you choose reflects your client's identity and taste; 

  • It contributes to the aesthetic harmony and visual cohesion of the room; 

  • It must be functional and optimize the available space; 

  • The choice of bed and other elements has a direct impact on the quality of sleep;

How do you choose a bed that matches the style of the project?

Choosing a bed that matches the overall style of the room's interior design is crucial to creating a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere. So there are 5 steps you can follow to ensure you make the right choice: 

  1. Define the style of the room: before choosing the bed, it's essential to map out the interior design style. It could be contemporary, classic, minimalist, rustic... But this definition will be the starting point for the rest of your choices. 

  2. Ensure that the bed is in harmony with the decorative style;

  3. Take the colour palette into account: the colour palette of a bedroom plays a crucial role in creating a cohesive aesthetic. Choosing a bed that complements the predominant colours of the room, either because it harmonizes or contrasts, will make a difference;

  4. Assess the space available: the size and scale of the bed must be in line with the proportions of the room;

  5. Consistency in materials: the bed's materials should align with the materials chosen for other elements in the room, such as floors, walls, furniture, and decorative elements. This will be an essential factor in creating consistency and visual uniformity;

Bed materials are imperative: from the feet to the headboard

As we mentioned in the previous topic, the choice of materials for the bed is fundamental. Materials not only do they have an aesthetic aspect, but they also influence the comfort, functionality, and durability of the bed. Let's explore the importance of bed materials, from the feet to the headboard. 

1. Firm foundation: choosing the right frame

The bed frame forms the essential base, supporting the mattress and providing stability. Some of the most common materials are wood, metal or a combination. A solid wood bed, such as the Gingko bed from ALMA de LUCE, gives a feeling of solidity. 

2. Bed legs: a touch of style on the floor

Although they are often overlooked, bed legs play an aesthetic and functional role. The choice can fall on wood or metal, but they can also be upholstered to add a touch of luxury. In addition, it's important to remember that the choice of feet influences the height of the bed, affecting the feeling of space in the room. 

If you want to give your bedroom a more modern feel, opt for slim metal legs. Upholstered legs, on the other hand, provide a more luxurious feel. 

3. Headboard: the captivating focal point of the bedroom

The headboard is an essential focal point, contributing significantly to the overall aesthetic. It can be upholstered, made of wood, metal, or a combination. Still, the choice should always depend on the desired style, offering the opportunity to add texture, colour, and pattern to the room. 

Remembering that texture refers to an element's physical or visual surface, a headboard upholstered with quality fabric and a unique pattern like the Douro bed from ALMA de LUCE will provide the perfect feeling of comfort, elegance, and coziness. 

4. Finishes that tell a story

The bed's finishes, whether on the frame, feet, or headboard, are essential for creating the desired aesthetic. Dark finishes can add sophistication, while lighter finishes can create a feeling of lightness. 

The choice of bed materials is a decision that goes beyond aesthetics. As an interior designer, you must consider durability, comfort and harmonization with the style of the room to provide your client with an exceptional visual and tactile experience.

3 innovative trends in bedroom interior design in 2024

Bedroom interior design constantly evolves, reflecting changes in aesthetic preferences, lifestyles, and technological advances. In 2024, these are the 3 main trends that will influence your projects.

1. Luxurious Minimalism

Minimalism continues to be a strong trend, and 2024 includes a more luxurious and refined approach. Rooms are designed with a neutral colour palette, clean lines, and simple shapes, but with the addition of luxurious elements, such as high-quality fabrics, elegant details, and pieces of furniture with sophisticated finishes. The delicate and sinuous design of the Douro nightstand from ALMA de LUCE expresses a feeling of lightness and refined elegance for a luxurious bedroom.

2. Integrated technology: intelligent and connected rooms

By 2024, bedrooms will incorporate technology to improve their customers' experience. From home automation systems such as lighting control, smart thermostats, and wireless charging built into furniture, to the incorporation of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology to provide new ways of visualizing and personalizing designs, technology is revolutionizing the world of interior design

3. Nature inside: the integration of natural elements

Connecting with nature is one of the leading interior design trends for 2024, and this influence carries over into bedrooms, too. Materials such as wood, stone, and natural fibers will be widely used. In addition, the presence of plants and botanical elements, both in furniture and decorations, will incorporate nature into the interior, promoting a sense of serenity and balance.

Let's choose the perfect bed for your projects

In today's competitive business, providing exceptional bedroom interior design is essential. As an interior designer, it's necessary to understand the importance of creating spaces that promote clients' well-being. 

Are you ready to change a bedroom and choose the perfect bed? Don't worry! See some inspirations on Alma de Luce's Pinterest that best suit your needs, your tastes, or your client's desires. Once you're inspired, want some help getting started? Contact us here.😉

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