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THURSDAY, january 04, 2024
Interior design trends shape how you will work on your projects in 2024. From colours to textures, accessories to materials, here are the top 7 interior design trends to watch out for in 2024.

The world of interior design is constantly evolving in a context where ideas, styles, and inspirations intertwine. 2024 has arrived, and it's the perfect time to start thinking about new projects and goals. This year brings trends to make each space even more captivating. Far beyond objects, elements, colours, and patterns, the big trend is how people want to enjoy homes, offices, or even commercial spaces.

2023 was the year of golden tones, convivial seating and modular furniture, irregular rugs, darker wood, cozy colours, and luxurious aesthetics. Although some trends will continue since 2023, new trends are emerging for this year. The world of interior design emphasizes its connection with nature and sustainable practices, but there is also a greater focus on technology and the combination of decorative styles.

Top 7 Interior Design Trends in 2024

Trends in interior design reflect and are influenced by constantly evolving human behavior, interests, and needs. Whether due to the search for comfort and well-being, the increased interest in sustainability, greater environmental awareness, the need for functional and versatile spaces, or technological advances, trends reflect the ability to adapt and evolve interior design.

Let’s get to know the 7 main trends in interior design for 2024?

1. Sustainable Minimalism

Sustainable minimalism is an approach that combines aesthetic simplicity with environmental responsibility. As an emerging trend, it seeks to create spaces that are elegant, functional, and, at the same time, environmentally conscious. With a focus on reducing waste and using sustainable materials, sustainable minimalism has emerged as a popular choice.

Suppose the essence of minimalism is in valuing the concept of "less is more" and in simplifying spaces, and sustainable design contributes to the preservation of the planet and allows the creation of aesthetically pleasing spaces. In that case, sustainable minimalism elevates these approaches to incorporate environmentally friendly materials and practices.

How can you implement this trend in your projects?

  • Select recycled materials or materials from renewable sources;
  • Efficient use of energy;
  • Reduction in the consumption of natural materials;
  • Minimizing environmental impact during the design process;

One of the fundamental topics in the sustainable minimalism trend is the careful selection of materials used. Choosing low environmental impact materials, such as certified wood, bamboo, cork, recycled glass, and recycled steel, is essential to creating aesthetically pleasing and ecologically responsible spaces.

The simplicity of sustainable minimalism also extends to the arrangement of furniture and elements in the space. Reducing the amount of furniture and objects creates more spacious areas, facilitating circulation and providing a feeling of lightness. The colour palette is often neutral, with earthy tones and natural elements creating a feeling of tranquility.

"Design must adapt and evolve to accommodate rapid changes in human behavior."

David Rockwell, an American architect and designer

Finally, there is a crucial element to take into account: lighting. Using natural light sources is a priority, as it saves energy and adds a feeling of spaciousness and liveliness to the space.

2. Invisible technology

The importance of technology in interior design is undeniable. But, by 2024, invisible/silent technology will be the big trend.

Integrating silent and invisible technology is becoming an essential and revolutionary part of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. This trend aims to incorporate technological devices and systems in a discreet, almost imperceptible way, offering significant benefits in terms of convenience, comfort, and efficiency.

This trend embraces the idea that functionality does not need to compromise aesthetics. Therefore, it focuses on keeping out wires, devices, and appliances, ensuring that they are present and operational without interfering with the visual harmony of the space.

Home automation is the best example of invisible technology, with emphasis on the following innovations:

  • Devices with motion sensors;
  • Smart thermostats;
  • Built-in electrical installations;
  • Wireless power solutions;
  • Voice-controlled lighting systems;
  • Discreetly built-in audio systems;
  • Televisions camouflaged in the decor when not in use;
  • Touch-sensitive surfaces;
  • Smart mirrors;
  • Water saving systems.

Invisible technology in interior design redefines how we interact with spaces. This approach offers impeccable aesthetics and functionality by discreetly and efficiently integrating technological devices and systems. It is the perfect harmony between form and function, where technology becomes an invisible ally in improving the quality of life within living spaces.

3. Textures and natural elements

Connection with nature continues to be a priority in interior design in 2024. The use of textures and natural elements is an approach that reflects this connection. It is a trend that values aesthetics and creates a welcoming and harmonious space that evokes comfort, tranquility, and balance.

Textures play a crucial role in creating a sensory experience. Layering different textures, using contrasting fabrics, or adding textured furniture, like this dining table Rusak from ALMA de LUCE or Amasunzu sofa, is a way of implementing this trend.

Wood is one of the most widely used elements due to its versatility, aesthetic beauty, and authenticity. But you can also choose fantastic marble pieces, like the McCool coffee table from ALMA de LUCE, made of Negro Marquina marble and Estremoz white marble. This material brings a feeling of sophistication and durability.

4. The year of the Peach Fuzz

At the end of 2023, Pantone defined the colour 2024: Peach Fuzz. With a captivating aura, this empathetic and velvety peach tone enriches the mind, body, and spirit and is another of the colour trends for next year.

Peach Fuzz is a colour between pink and orange and, as Pantone explains, conveys the desire for closeness and the company of others, inspiring a sense of belonging. It is an opportunity to enjoy calm, offering spaces of tranquility and healing.

Bringing the softness and comfort of Peach Fuzz into interior design creates a welcoming room. Peach Fuzz provides a personalized and cozy area for wall painting, decorative pieces, furniture, or prints. Therefore, it is the perfect tone for living spaces, such as living rooms, dining rooms, or even a home office.

5. Japandi

Do you know the Japandi style? If you have not heard of it, remember it in 2024. Japandi style is the harmonious combination between Japanese and Scandinavian styles. This interior decoration trend combines elements of the Japanese aesthetic, known for its simplicity, serenity, and connection with nature, with the Scandinavian style, which values functionality, comfort, and luminosity. Furthermore, this style is concerned with the functionality of furniture and objects, prioritizing pieces with a practical purpose.

The best way to portray this style is through minimalist spaces with furniture with straight lines, neutral tones, and natural touches, such as plants and sustainable materials. The result is a serene and balanced atmosphere, perfect for relaxing.

The Darvaza sideboard from ALMA de LUCE is an example of a piece you can implement in a Japandi dining room decor. Its geometric shapes, the use of solid walnut wood, and its brown tone are characteristics that align it with this philosophy.

6. Modern eclecticism

The trend of modern eclecticism is the perfect choice for your clients who like to bring together different styles in a single space. With this trend, it is possible to combine period furniture with contemporary touches, crafts with minimalist lines, or bright colours with neutral tones.

Modern eclecticism can be characterized by the mixture of styles, materials, textures, colours, and various decorative elements, seeking to create a unique and personalized aesthetic. The result is a harmonious composition that reflects your client's unique personality. In modern eclecticism, it is expected to find:

  • A mixture of different styles, eras, and cultural influences;
  • Diversity of materials to create textures and contrasts;
  • Various colours and patterns;
  • Personalization;

Therefore, wooden furniture stands out for its nostalgic appeal, timeless aesthetics, and durability. The Espigueiro cabinet from ALMA de LUCE is the perfect piece: it embodies the traditional Portuguese style in its wooden detail slats while capturing glimpses of irreverent and modern features in its straight and clean lines.

7. Comfort and dynamism

2024 is officially the year of comfort. It's the year when people want to spend time enjoying their spaces. Therefore, they look for modular, flexible, and functional furniture where it is possible to have cozy conversations that promote comfort and togetherness.

Consider modular islands and sectional seating systems that can be easily adapted to any occasion. The best example is modular sofas, which can be easily adjusted based on the number of people in the room. They are the perfect setup to hang out with. The Mies modular sofa from ALMA de LUCE offers maximum compositional versatility, balancing design minimalism and generous proportions.

Furthermore, it is vital to incorporate pieces with tactile fabrics that inspire relaxed spaces and add depth, dimension, comfort, and warmth.

Dynamic and multipurpose furniture adds flexibility and adaptability, especially when the challenge is to transform small rooms and maximize space without losing the aesthetic and decorative sense. 

Explore the potential of the 2024 interior design trends in your projects

Exploring interior design trends for 2024 offers the opportunity to innovate, create engaging and functional spaces, and offer clients solutions that are aligned with contemporary needs, current aesthetics, and an ongoing commitment to sustainability and quality of life.

Are you ready to start exploring these 7 trends? See some inspirations on ALMA de LUCE's Pinterest that best suit your needs, your tastes, or your client's desires. Also, we will help you to create exclusive and current projects that win over your customers with these trends!

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