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MONDAY, august 07, 2023
August is the month when thermometers reach the highest temperatures and where colors bring life everywhere. The combination of warm colors with the perfect pieces give each space a unique and sophisticated touch.

One inspiration, multiple sensations

At Alma de Luce, each piece is thought out in detail, with each piece having a history and tradition that aims to enhance the culture and enrich each piece with a touch of magic.

For this interior, Alma de Luce chose a color palette with shades of red, brown and beige. The brown color conveys comfort and relaxation, the burgundy conveys luxury and the beige refers to calm and passivity

Here, with this interior inspiration, Alma de Luce has gathered the four pieces that can transform your room into a cozy, luxurious and sophisticated place.

Astro Dust, a more captivating color than ever before

Alma de Luce presents you an interior inspiration with a captivating color. There is Astro Dust!
It can be defined as a deep reddish brown tone that works perfectly with glossy finishes, woods, and plants, especially in more sober and elegant environments. This mid-tone red version connects with space exploration and the increasingly popular space tourism.

Faced with this new reality, this color excite us and inspire interior decoration, evoking the dusty and desolate landscape of Mars in a will and desire to explore remote lands and planets.
Our suggestion is to use Astro Dust in large-scale furniture, bedding, dining utensils, or, more innovatively, jute and rattan rugs.

1. Ginkgo Bed

Ginkgo bed is an upholstered bed that celebrates nature through the visual and material lightness of the headboard.
This bed is the protagonist in every bedroom, inviting you to relax and rest at home.

Thanks to the embroidered and irregular shape headboard, designed by Alma de Luce, it combines timeless elegance with precious couture details.

2. Goahti Stool

It’s in the Sami architecture inspiration that Goahti luxury stool emerged. The solid wood details are conjugated through the manual fitting of the nickel metal footer's, which attribute to this design artwork a contemporary beauty.

Definitely, this duality between power and refinement brings a new contemporary verve into interior design.

With the Goahti pieces, the human genius is celebrated by Alma de Luce, for the respect and appreciation of nature in its architecture, so that it inspires us in this world heritage.

3. Ginkgo Side Table

Ginkgo side table is the sole survivor of an ancient group of trees that date back to before dinosaurs roamed the Earth – creatures that lived between 245 and 66 million years ago.

Through the lovely Ginkgo set of Side tables, Alma de Luce draws attention to a very solitary species of wild trees, almost extinct due to climate change.

Ginkgo Side Table is the new perfect complement to your home decor. With their naturally elegant design, the Ginkgo Side tables bring natural nobility and aesthetic refinement into any room.

4. Mousgoum Armchair

Mousgoum, an ethnic group in the northernmost province of Cameroon, use to create their homes from compressed and sun-dried mud.

The architecture of the Mousgoum houses is shaped like a shell, and what strikes at first glance is the almost organic simplicity of this form. Vernacular architecture is a rich source of cultural knowledge and sustainability, as is exemplified by the Mousgoum architecture.

Alma de Luce inspires us in vernacular earth architecture, with the Mousgoum piece for something unique and invaluable.

The modern armchair features an exclusive embroidered pattern that reflects the best elements of your living room, adding a touch of warmth and delicacy.

Embrace the rich history of traditional design

As architects and designers continue to seek distinctive and impactful solutions, the timeless elegance of wooden furniture will undoubtedly remain an essential element in their creative endeavors. So, let us celebrate the enduring charm of wooden furniture and embrace its transformative power in crafting exceptional spaces that inspire and delight.

In the realm of luxury furniture, architects and designers have the power to weave stories and emotions into every creation. As they embrace the rich history of traditional design while infusing it with contemporary sensibilities, they sculpt furniture that transcends time and leaves an indelible mark on the world of interior design.

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