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THURSDAY, december 07, 2023
The colours that will be successful in interior design projects in 2024 are defined. Understanding how these 5 colours influence a space and transform a room is essential. We have put together our suggestions for applying the 2024 five trend colours in this blog article.
"Colour is a universal, nonverbal language, and we all intuitively know how to speak it."

Leatrice Eiseman, Colour Specialist

Leatrice Eiseman is an American colour expert who helps companies choose colours in various areas, including packaging, logos, and interior design. Her phrase lets us conclude that we all speak the language of colours. In the context of interior design, it is one of the most powerful ways of expressing your clients' lifestyles, preferences, and personalities. As an interior designer, the colours you select in your projects will be one of the forms of communication, as they transmit sensations and create a unique atmosphere.

With the turn of the year, the scenario for interior design in 2024 is also dictated by colours. The colour trends for 2024 - Midnight Plum, Apricot Crush, Cool Matcha, Intense Rust, and Sustained Gray - have their personality and the ability to transform spaces in different and impactful ways.

 Since 2024 will be a year marked by colour, we wanted to bring all our tips for exploring each of these colours in different contexts. Therefore, in this blog article, you will find suggestions for applying the five trend colours, with practical examples. Let's do it.

Midnight Plum: the mysterious depth

Midnight Plum is a rich, deep shade of purple that offers a mysterious and sophisticated aura. This dramatic tone can be used in many ways in interior design, mainly to create a luxurious and elegant room.

How do you apply Midnight Plum in an interior design project?

Due to its characteristics, this colour can add sophistication, depth, and a touch of elegance to the space. You can be more daring and paint a wall in this tone, particularly in a living room, home office space, or bedroom. This creates an attractive focal point, especially in rooms with neutral furniture.

You can introduce Midnight Plum into upholstered furniture, such as armchairs, sofas, or benches, which will serve as accent pieces in a room, adding a touch of elegance. The Douro stool from ALMA de LUCE is the perfect suggestion. This seductive and elegant stool, outstanding in its shape and curved design, offers a tactile focus to the exquisite wooden top. The frieze brass creates a superb accent, providing a glamorous design. You may also combine this stool with the sideboard Dom Sebastião.

However, it is essential to remember that this colour must be combined with neutral tones, such as greys, whites, or beige, to balance the room and avoid visual overload. The best way to ensure this balance is by creating a moodboard. Also, ensure the room has adequate lighting to enhance the colour and create the desired atmosphere.

Remember: the colour Midnight Plum can be a stunning and elegant addition to many spaces, but the key is the correct dosage and harmonious integration with the rest of the room.

Apricot Crush: an invigorating freshness

With its soft pale orange hue, Apricot Crush conveys vibrant and warm energy. This colour is perfect for adding a touch of vitality to any space, particularly in communal spaces, such as living rooms or dining areas.

How do you apply Apricot Crush in an interior design project?

A hint of subtle colour creates a more inviting and warm space. This is how you can apply this colour in an interior design project. Our first tip is to introduce colour into textiles and decoration, taking advantage of the potential of using texture to elevate the aesthetics and experience of spaces. You can use Apricot Crush on cushions, curtains, rugs, or blankets.

Furthermore, you can also choose to combine this stimulating, refreshing, and energetic colour on chairs in a dining room where marble, wood, and dark tones stand out. ALMA de LUCE's Hyoku chair is a fantastic example.

Cool Matcha: the serenity of nature

A soft, refreshing green tone that evokes the serenity and harmony found in nature. This is how we can define Cool Matcha, one of the 2024 trend colours. Its versatility creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in any space.

How do you apply Cool Matcha in an interior design project?

Cool Matcha conveys a feeling of balance and calm when applied to walls or furniture. Combined with natural elements, such as light wood or organic fabrics, it creates a room that invites contemplation and serenity.

To enhance the feeling of tranquility conveyed by Cool Matcha, combine this colour with soft neutral tones such as white, earth tones, or light wood. Furthermore, this colour perfectly complements delicate and natural fabrics like linen or cotton.

Imagine walking into a living room with the ALMA de LUCE Cappadocia coffee table in the colour Cool Matcha? You will undoubtedly feel refreshed, peaceful, and connected with nature. An extra tip: combine the Cappadocia coffee table with the Coco side table, as we suggest in the image below, and you will have the perfect Cool Matcha combo in a living room. 

It is important to remember that colour is an international visual language understood by all, and scientific studies confirm that colour influences us psychologically and physiologically, which is why colour psychology is so important in interior design

Intense Rust: warm and vibrant elegance

Intense Rust, as a fierce rust tone, brings a warm and vibrant elegance. Rich and bold, this can also be versatile.

How do you apply Intense Rust in an interior design project?

In an interior design project, this colour can be applied as a focal point in a space, adding depth and personality. Furthermore, when combined with lighter neutral tones or incorporated into textures such as leather or velvet, Intense Rust offers warmth and sophistication. The result is a welcoming and luxurious room.

The Harlequin armchair of ALMA de LUCE reveals this caracteristics: bold, graceful, and elegant, the exclusive armchair offers something very different in a world of grey, a uniquely inspirational answer for the most exclusive interior design.

If your goal is to give a pop of Intense Rust to a dinning room, you can use the Ndebele chairs from ALMA de LUCE. Its curves contrast with the elegance of thickness and create a sophisticated and modern chair. 

A fantastic tip is to combine two trending colours for 2024. The result will be a success! Intense Rust combines perfectly with Sustained Gray.

Sustained Gray: the elegance of simplicity

Sustained Gray is a timeless and versatile shade of gray. As a neutral colour, it offers a solid base for other vibrant tones to stand out.

How do you apply Sustained Gray in an interior design project?

The versatility of Sustained Gray can make it trickier to land on the right colour combination. There are a few colours that can’t match this tone. However, this feature allows you to use Sustained Gray in different interior design projects, which proves that the colour effectively influences the space.

Jal Mahal sofa and Ndebele armchair from ALMA de LUCE are an amazing combination. The sofa will add a touch of classicism to the interior design and the armchair, an elegant seating solution, will be the focal point of any modern or contemporary living room set. Together, they are a fusion of classicism and modernity. 

This colour allows us to create everything from minimalist spaces to more daring areas. It is, in fact, the perfect choice if you want, for example, to make a room in a minimalist decorative style. Gray and white is a combination that never fails in a minimalist project. By contrast, when designing calmer spaces, like a bedroom, combine colours in similar tones, like Sustained Gray and pastel yellow. Also, try the combo Sustained Gray and Cool Matcha in a living room, a scheme that brings the colours of nature into the home.

Take advantage of the potential of trending colours to elevate your projects

As we approach 2024, interior design colour trends capture our eyes and hearts. From deep and mysterious tones to soft and revitalizing colours, the colour palette for this period promises to transform and influence spaces.

Strategically use trending colours, and you will have the opportunity to create personalized spaces that reflect the personality and style of your customers. Look for inspiration with these colours online on ALMA de LUCE's Pinterest. Once you're inspired, want some help getting started? Contact us here.😉

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