Holiday spirit: how to transform decoration with style and elegance

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THURSDAY, december 14, 2023
They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. And why not bring this warmth, joy, and coziness into our homes? Twinkling lights and enchanting decorations bring the Holiday spirit to decor. Let's combine the classic beauty of Christmas with style and elegance.

Twinkling lights, vibrant colours, shine, and music. It's the time of year when streets and houses transform into enchanted scenes and welcoming atmospheres that awaken joy and generosity in all of us. Festivities are one of the times of the year when the decoration can be transformed. The decoration transforms homes into festive havens, incorporating elements that reflect the spirit of Christmas, transmitting elegance and style.

But decorating for the festive season goes beyond simply hanging decorations, making a Christmas tree, or spreading lights around the house. It is a creative expression that combines tradition and innovation, harmonizing classic elements with modern touches. The result is spaces overflowing with sophistication without losing the comfort and authenticity of this season.

In this article, we will explore the importance of adapting decoration to the times of the year, such as the Holidays, but also explain this year's main trends and give all the tips for transforming a decoration with style and elegance.

How important is it to adapt the decoration to the times of year?

Decorating a room is much more than just decorative pieces or furniture. It plays an essential role in creating an engaging and impactful atmosphere, capable of reflecting emotions, seasons, or specific occasions. Adapting the decoration according to the time of year is more than an aesthetic issue. It is a way of connecting with the surrounding environment and celebrating each seasonal period's different characteristics.

"Changing decor throughout the year isn't about trends; it's about capturing the essence of each season, letting nature's influence inspire our interiors."

Candice Olson, Canadian interior designer

Transforming the decor throughout the year is a unique opportunity to reflect the natural changes in the external environment. The seasons change, and we celebrate certain events, such as Halloween and Christmas, and the colours, patterns, and textures transform. Mirroring these changes in decoration allows this external atmosphere to be transferred to the interior of a home.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that decoration adapted to the seasons creates a feeling of renewal and freshness. Each season or celebration introduces new decorative elements, bringing the space a sense of newness and vitality. This prevents monotony, allowing the home to be updated and revitalized as the year progresses.

Finally, we must consider seasonal decoration's ability to reflect each season's spirit and celebrations. When decorating for Christmas, for example, you will create a welcoming and festive atmosphere full of twinkling lights, decorations, and the warmth characteristic of this season. Likewise, summer decor can bring refreshing elements, such as brighter colours, light fabrics, or beachy motifs, inviting you to enjoy the weather and activities typical of the season.

Without a doubt, seasonal decoration will influence your customers' mood. For example, during the Christmas season, with shorter and darker days, the soft and cozy lighting of the decorations contributes to a more welcoming and cheerful atmosphere. It's an opportunity to create emotional experiences. Seasonal decor invites a sensory journey, where each change is an opportunity to experience and feel the nuances of each season.

The most important thing is that the implementation of an interior design project related to seasonal decoration runs smoothly and meets the client’s needs. For this, the 6 steps of the interior design process are crucial: briefing, measurement of spaces, preliminary study, draft, executive project, and presentation project. In the end, the client can finally enjoy their project, a home re-designed especially for them.

3 Holiday decorating trends for 2023

Holiday decor is guaranteed to bring your client’s home to life for the holidays and wrap up the year with style and elegance. But there are also trends in holiday decorations, just as in trends related to the seasons.

From unexpected colour schemes to surprising materials and finishes, the Holiday trends in 2023 will inspire you to start spreading holiday cheer.

1. Rich and dark palettes

While the festive season is always full of red and green, the colours will be deeper and richer, almost jewel-like. Deep emerald, burgundy, sapphire blue, or majestic purples will add a different touch of colour to the decor. These colours make it possible to create a rich and sophisticated contrast with the traditional bright and jolly decor.

The best way to understand how colours can combine and contrast is by creating a moodboad, including references, materials, textures, colours, shapes, and even phrases with specific typography that are part of the concept or style you want to implement. 

2. Natural materials

This trend has been in interior design since the beginning of 2023 and will also be in Holiday decoration at the end of the year. Natural materials are a significant trend, creating a spirit of softness and serenity. The use of natural and sustainable materials will dominate this time of year. Therefore, we will see LED lights and natural materials, such as wood, straw, natural stones, linen, and cotton, in the decoration.

3. Golden tones

2023 Holiday decoration will be the year of golden tones, elevating interiors with a touch of pure luxury. Whether in furniture, chairs, details, or wallpaper, golden tones will inspire interior design. 

You should remember that the artful use of colour can elevate a design from ordinary to extraordinary, evoking emotions, setting moods, and creating a captivating visual symphony.

When well used, gold tones warm and add elegance to spaces without making them tiring. Gilding stands out when combined with the previous trend, allowing for beautiful and harmonious compositions.

Need the inspiration to use the perfect combination of golden tones? We suggest this luxurious dining room with Rusak dining table and Amasunzu dining armchair by ALMA de LUCE. These two pieces, which combine gold and Christmas red, go perfectly with decorations in golden tones. 

5 tips for transforming a decoration into a Christmas decoration

1. Bet on lighting

Lighting plays a prominent role in the festive atmosphere. Lights are, without a doubt, essential elements that add beauty to decorated spaces. Selecting soft, strategic lighting, like candles or small LED lights, can create a warm, sophisticated atmosphere. Furthermore, the balanced use of lights provides a subtle glow, transforming the space without visually overloading it.

One suggestion is to combine lighting with mirrors. The reflections and plays of light will be a hit in the festive decoration. The Marqueyssac mirror from ALMA de LUCE combines perfectly with the lighting. This modern wall mirror with details in wood and polished stainless steel will transform your decor.

Additionally, decorative candles, candelabra, or lanterns can add a soft, festive glow to the room.

2. The colour palette is essential

The colour palette plays a crucial role. You can choose red, green, and gold if you prefer traditional colours. Combined, these colours create a traditional and warm atmosphere.

A large, leafy Christmas tree, decorated in shades of gold, next to a warm fireplace, will be the star of a living room that breathes Christmas. Nothing is better than the Amaterasu sofa, the Cinnabar armchairs, and the Ballet coffee table from ALMA de LUCE to complement this scenario. The green, red, and gold tones will be a hit in this idyllic Christmas setting.

However, choose white, silver, and blue tones for a more refined and monochromatic approach. The Amansunzu sofa from ALMA de LUCE perfectly matches this chromatic option, creating an elegant and contemporary living room. In the dining room, the armchair Khepri will provide a luxurious and elegant atmosphere for festive dinners.

Adding darker shades of green with traditional red, complementing shades of brown, can create a rustic and welcoming feel. This palette is perfect for decor that values nature and warmth. The armchair Hissan Arabi is an excellent solution. With a strong styling presence, this armchair creates an elegant, luxurious atmosphere in your living room or bedroom.

Choosing the colour palette for your client’s project will affect the person's perception of the space, so it is vital to consider what you want to convey with the chosen colours.

3. Combine classic with modern

The key to transforming Christmas decorations with style and elegance may be combining classic elements with a contemporary and personal approach.

The search for a refined aesthetic should maintain this season's welcoming and warm essence. However, it is possible to combine classic and modern, creating spaces that mix tradition, innovation, and personality.

4. Materials and textures elevate the decor

One of the fundamental aspects of creating a sophisticated decoration is the careful choice of decorative elements. Choosing quality pieces is essential to transmit elegance. Furthermore, incorporating natural materials and textures can elevate the decor. Using fabrics in neutral tones or discreet patterns can complement the decor in a sophisticated way.

A rug with the colours of the season, which refers to nature, can be a fantastic solution. The Antelope Canyon rug from ALMA de LUCE is the perfect example: it is a modern rug made from hand-tufted botanical silk, showing you the power of nature and its elegance.It is always important to remember that choosing the right texture in an interior design project can completely transform a space's aesthetics and sensations.

5. Being creative will make all the difference

Creativity also plays a fundamental role in transforming decoration. Personalizing pieces, creating exclusive pieces, or incorporating unexpected elements will add personality and originality to the decoration, making it truly unique.

As an interior designer, combining this creativity with your client's tastes and needs is essential in adapting the transformation project.

Today is the perfect day to let the Holiday spirit in

This article inspires the warm and charming spirit of the Holidays into homes through interior decoration. Bringing the Christmas spirit into your customers' homes transforms the room, creating a welcoming and magical atmosphere that infects everyone. It's an invitation to make a room that celebrates the festive season and promotes connection, joy, and sharing of memorable moments.

Are you ready to create the perfect Holiday decoration? See some inspirations on ALMA de LUCE's Pinterest that best suit the client's needs, tastes, and desires. Once you're inspired, want some help getting started? Contact us here.😉

Also, did you know that we regularly update our blog to bring you all the news and content about interior design, interior architecture, and decoration? Just be aware!

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