New house, new home decor. 5 tips for Interior Designers!

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THURSDAY, january 26, 2023
A new house is a blank canvas to create. For any interior designer, it's the dream of creating a project from scratch and enhancing a structure through decoration. More than furniture or decorative pieces, it is essential to understand how to plan a new space's decoration, a new home decor.

A new house, a new apartment. A new home is under construction. And now? Where to start? Before deciding which bed type you should place in the bedroom or which curtains are perfect for the living room, there is a fundamental process of planning and evaluating the structure that will be essential for creating the ideal decoration.

"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love"
Nate Berkus

It's normal to have confusion to ensure that the space is beautiful, comfortable, and suitable for the client's style. Because in decoration, more than choosing the pieces or the decorative style, it is crucial to tell a story, as the famous North American interior designer Nate Berkus says. That, above all, tells a story. And the story begins with the evaluation of the structure of the new house and the planning.

Finishes are essential for the success of interior design project. Living room by Alma de Luce

The importance of structure and planning

Where to start the process of decorating a new home? Of course, you may have some ideas, but looking at the house's structure and the plan is essential. As we have already mentioned, it is not worth considering the decorative style you want to implement.

The first thing to do is the measures. Yes, that "boring" process of picking up the tape measure and figuring out, among other things, the dimensions and areas of the rooms, the exact width of the fireplace or stove, the size of the wardrobes, but also the measurements of walls with different angles, to see if it is possible to include a table or a bookcase in that area.

One of the main points of attention when decorating a new house is the choice of finishes. The diversity of techniques and materials available implies a careful study according to the divisions and the style of decoration, choosing for the application of wood or the use of wallpaper, but also high baseboards, application of plaster or ceramics. The choices are many and must be made at this stage according to quality, durability, and need for maintenance/cleaning.

The furniture placement must be thought out according to the needs of each room

We also recommend that you pay attention to the doors' positioning and potentially the need to replace them. Either to maximize space or to favour the movement of people, but also the sockets and windows location. Finally, another element you should consider is the floors, assessing the need for replacement and their suitability for the specific room. All these elements will be decisive when choosing the decorative style, furniture, and decorative pieces to use.

When analyzing the space, also consider lighting, not only artificial but mainly natural. Some environments need more clarity and white light, while the lowest light intensity favours them in others.

Now that you have all this information, you can start thinking about furniture placement and which solutions best suit each room. You should consider issues such as what kind of furniture you want to include, the sofa's style, or the furniture's organization and arrangement. Although this may seem like an arduous task, especially when faced with an empty room, the truth is that planning is the secret to guaranteeing a practical and aesthetically pleasing space.

In this article from our blog, you can discover 6 advantages of having a modular sofa in the living room, for example.

Al-Hijr Modular Sofa by Alma de Luce.

Five tips for decorating a new home

Structure analyzed, planning done. It's time to move on to decorating. The favourite moment of any interior designer. To make the whole process easier, we've put together our five tips for decorating a new home:

1. Betting on the client's taste

You don't need to want to find soap opera settings, look for inspiration in magazines or wish to impose your taste. The best tip is to follow the customer's taste. After all, this will be his space, his story, as Nate Berkus said. The customer's preference must be considered, whether in the colour of the walls, the props, the paintings, or even the furniture. This is the main factor to consider because it will personify the environment and ensure that the person feels comfortable in their new home.

2. Set the decoration style

Customize each room according to one or more decor styles based on the customer's taste. From a classic to a modern style, through the ethnic, clean, industrial, or vintage, without forgetting the rustic, define the style to use for each room and guarantee the individual and total harmony of the new home.

Colour palette for a harmonious room.
Coco Side Table by Alma de Luce

3. Choose the colour palette

Choosing the colours of each area is one of the fundamental decisions to ensure the harmony of the decoration. When used correctly, the colour palette changes a person's perception of the environment. Matching the colour palette doesn't mean you should decorate the whole house with similar tones, but you should use the colour wheel to help define the colour palette. After understanding how colours are divided within the colour wheel and their effects on humans, it is crucial to know how their combinations work. This will bring harmony to your project, the well-matched colour palette.

Our blog contains an article explaining how to choose the colour palette for an interior design project.

4. Textures and details that make the difference

Small details make all the difference and can transform a simple decoration into something truly extraordinary. If, on the one hand, you can use different textures to decorate floors and walls, in upholstery, rugs, or even decorative pieces, you can also vary in the choice of materials, such as wood, metal, brick, wallpaper, or cement.

Gain inspiration here to boost your living room into a stylish, stunning and cosy style with these five pieces that make all the difference in any home.

Masouleh stool by Alma de Luce

5. Suit the materials to each room

Some rooms require more excellent care with the chosen decorative materials. For example, you will select a different sofa for a living room or a garden. The items chosen must take into account not only their beauty, style, and functionality but also their use, namely exposure to nature's actions, such as rain, sun, or wind, and exposure to direct light.

Living Room with a contemporary decoration Style

Make a client fall in love with his new home.

Making your client fall in love with the new house is the challenge! A new house only becomes a home when the decoration meets the people who live or are going to live in it. The role of the interior designer is precisely that: to transform four walls into the history and life of the new inhabitants of a house.

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