Winter Elegance: 5 interior design trends to use this season

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THURSDAY, december 21, 2023
As winter 2023 begins, let the season's trends enter your interior design projects. Take advantage of the potential of textures and textiles, natural elements, cozy colours, and curves to incorporate winter.

"I love the luxury of a beautiful winter home; the textures, the layers, and the warmth that make it so inviting." 

Kelly Hoppen, British interior designer

With the arrival of winter, homes transform into cozy and sophisticated refuges that reflect not only the changing climate outside but also the trends that dominate interior design. At this time of year, colour palettes, materials, and decorative elements adapt to create spaces that encompass warmth, comfort, elegance, luxury, and style.

The coldest months of the year inspire designers and decorators to reimagine the interiors of their client's homes. Much more than selecting colours or textures, investing in winter decoration combines various elements to create a more welcoming and inviting room.

Therefore, winter trends in interior design translate into spaces that celebrate elegance, warmth, and functionality. From carefully choosing colours and materials to considering lighting and connecting with nature, winter interior design invites you to create spaces that embrace the season in a welcoming and stylistically captivating way.

When is the best time to start decorating for winter?

The best time to start decorating for winter depends on personal preference, the weather, or how your client wants to enjoy the changes in decor.

Many people start thinking about winter decor as soon as autumn approaches. As temperatures drop, the time of day changes (if you live in a country where this happens), and the days become shorter, thoughts of transforming the decoration into something more wintery emerge. This way, drawing up an adequate plan and project in time will be possible.

However, some prefer to decorate only at the season's official start. Winter decoration can also be associated with holiday decorations, combining Christmas motifs with winter elements.

Therefore, there is no correct answer about the best time to start decorating for winter. The choice is always personal and can vary according to preferences, lifestyle, family traditions, and even goals for enjoying the winter season.

The best way to start decorating for winter is with the help of an interior designer. Decisions will undoubtedly be easier with the assistance of a professional: what is the best decorative style? Which elements should I choose? Which colour palette to adopt? This is when the interior designer comes in

5 interior design trends for winter 2023

1. Layers, textures, and textiles: the cozy essence of winter interior decoration

Winter is the perfect time to incorporate elements that convey warmth, comfort, and a welcoming feeling. It is the ideal season for layers, textures, and cozy textiles, creating an inviting atmosphere for the colder months. These elements add physical and emotional warmth, transforming spaces into more welcoming and pleasant areas.

Layers play a vital role in creating visual depth and a feeling of comfort in a typical winter room. Layering in interior design translates to specific decor selections dependent on colour, pattern, and tone that add depth and a warm, welcoming embrace.

How do we explore the potential of layers? Starting with fabrics: wool blankets and decorative pillows in different patterns and textures. For example, a patterned blanket on a neutral sofa adds visual layers and a touch of luxury and comfort.

A comfort guarantee is provided by elements such as ottomans and enveloping armchairs. Investing in elegant, comfortable, and quality pieces is most important.

Also, make sure to use different textures. They are a key to creating a wintry space. This winter, soft and cozy materials like wool, velvet, and faux fur will rise. Velvet is a luxurious choice that adds sophistication and warmth to a space. The Al-Hijr sofa in Deep Red can elevate the room instantly. The combination of velvet with the characteristic tones of holiday decor will make the difference.

Choosing the right texture at home, in an office, or any room can completely transform a space's aesthetics and sensations. Remember that texture can profoundly affect how we perceive, experience, interact, and experience a room. 

2. Natural elements and biophilic design: a harmonious connection with nature

This year, the search for deeper connections with nature has significantly influenced interior design trends. Winter is the perfect season to integrate natural elements and the concept of biophilic design into spaces. Solid wood furniture, stone accessories, and indoor plants will add an organic touch to the decor and bring the balance and serenity this season desperately seeks.

Getting closer to nature can be manifested by introducing more natural light into rooms, making the most of the sun's natural brightness to create a feeling of warmth. Additionally, using plants is a powerful way to bring nature indoors. Even if the outdoor environment is covered in snow, living plants offer colour and freshness.

Introducing natural elements into interior decor, such as wood, natural stone, plants, and natural light, is a way to evoke the comforting feeling of nature. Wood is a versatile and warm element. During winter, you should opt for darker, warmer tones of wood, like the Anta da Arca dining table from ALMA de LUCE. The table top in gold leaf and the top base and legs in walnut wood are the perfect combo for a more cozy dining room.

3. Cozy colours: transform the room with inviting tones

This winter, the colour palette is oriented towards earthy and warm tones. Mocha, cinnamon, terracotta, berry, mushroom, oatmeal and caramel are everywhere. These colours are not only comforting, but they also provide a feeling of calm and elegance. Exploring specific shades and colour combinations can effectively transform and adapt a room to the winter season.

Incorporating these tones into walls, furniture, or accessories creates a neutral and welcoming base possible, providing a perfect backdrop for adding more vivid or contrasting details in colour trends in interior design. Use the vibrancy of Midnight Plum or Apricot Crush with the coziness of earthy tones in your design palette, and the result will be a rich and warming decor that we all seek during the winter months.

Additionally, Pantone selected some colours for Autumn/Winter 2023/2024 that can inspire, such as magenta, peach, yellow, fuchsia and some shades of green. 

A tip especially for this season: combining textures and patterns that complement the chosen colours can further accentuate the feeling of warmth and comfort in the room. Try it!

4. Curves: softness and elegance in winter decoration

Organic curves have emerged as a notable trend, bringing a feeling of softness, fluidity, and elegance to spaces during the winter season, which contrasts with the harsh and cold outside environment. As one of the main trends of 2023, we had to catch this trend in winter. And it's easy to see why: curved furniture gives an inviting and plush feeling, adding a sense of softness to a room.

Sofas with rounded contours, chairs with curvy backs, tables with soft edges, and lamps with fluid designs are examples of pieces that can add a touch of elegance, modernity, and softness to interiors.

Incorporating curves into space is simple, and several ALMA de LUCE pieces include this trend. You can opt for a curved sofa in a living room, such as the Amasunzu sofa; the choice may be a mirror like the Meghalaya mirror in a bedroom; in an office, you can choose to integrate the Hissan Arabi armchair, and in a dining room the Darvaza dining table.

Although organic curves are in focus, balancing these shapes with straight-line elements is essential to creating a cohesive and balanced space. The clever combination of curvilinear furniture and accessories with more angular pieces can provide an interesting visual dynamic to areas.

5. Handmade and unique: personality in winter design

Handmade and unique are increasingly valued: handcrafted ceramics, textural wall hangings, craftsman-made furniture, and quirky one-offs with a story to tell. This is the type of piece that brings soul to a home.

The appreciation of craftsmanship and the preference for handmade pieces add a touch of uniqueness and give personality and warmth to spaces, creating warm and inviting rooms. This way, you can have interior design projects that tell the story of the person who lives there. Truly personalized interior design

The trend of valuing handmade and unique pieces in interior decoration during winter is a way to infuse spaces with personality, warmth, and a sense of authenticity. By choosing handcrafted items, each area becomes unique, reflecting its residents' individuality and personal tastes. Therefore, you can select furniture and accessories with meaning, history, or materials that add character and uniqueness to the space.

Start thinking about winter decor today

Today is the perfect day to start thinking about the winter decor. These trends can be a starting point. Which of the five trends we present will you use, or which one was a big no?

See some inspirations on ALMA de LUCE's Pinterest that may help you understand some of these 2023 winter trends that suit your needs, your tastes, or your client's desires. Once you're inspired, want some help getting started? Contact us here.😉

Also, stay tuned to our blog! Starting in 2024, we will have a lot of new articles about the universe of architecture, interiors, and design. 

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